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I bought a Nissan Versa 2012 in April that had 6000 mile on it. Today I bought my vehicle into United Nissan for repair om October 11 2013, my vehicle has 11, 900 miles on it.

I have only had it for 6 months and have only driven about 5500 miles. The Mechanic that inspected my vehicle told me all 4 of my tires needed to be replaced , they were below specs.. I asked how could this be? I only have 11, 900 miles on the vehicle and tires should last a minimum of 30,000 miles.

The mechanic and service adviser was surprised as I was. I was told to speak with the person who sold me the vehicle (Alejandra Chave) and so I did, Alejandra told me I am sorry there is nothing I can do for you, however if you want to trade your vehicle in I can help you with that. I explained Alejandra. I didn't want to trade my vehicle in, all I wanted was what was fair.

I told the her that they should replace all 4 tires and that if they had done the inspection correctly 6 months ago we wouldn't be having this conversation today. I asked to speak with Her sales manager because she was no help at all, and was giving me the run around. The sales manager said sorry can't help you and tried to send me back to the service manager. I felt that I was running in circles and everyone was passing the buck, with NO ONE taking responsibility for their actions.

If I had know that this was the kind of treatment and service that I would get at United Nissan I would have NEVER had purchased a vehicle from them, I am going to tell ALL my friends NOT to buy a vehicle from UNITED NISSAN and that their a shady dealership.

11,900 miles on my vehicle and I need 4 new tires? Whats wrong with this picture?

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