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Update by user Mar 22, 2014

Now with all my efforts ; nothing could be helped.

It's impossible for the new car.

I swear this car will be the last Nissan for me.

Still ; there's someone in Thailand facing the same condition. What about other country ? Could someone tell me ?

Update by user Mar 22, 2014

Now with all my efforts ; nothing could be hellped , I swear the car will be the last Nissan for me.

Someone in Thailand also reports the jerky and some vibration during riding .

Update by user Mar 22, 2014

Below is the words from Nissan Japan

日産自動車 羅針盤 PostOffice

This is to reply your mail dated 20th of March 2014.

We have been in contact with Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and would

like to confirm that Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd.

has complete

authority over Nissan's product and service in Thailand. We have relayed your concerns to Nissan Motor (Thailand) Co., Ltd. and have asked them to contact you once again.

Your understanding will be much appreciated. Sincerely yours, Naoaki HOSONO Assistant Manager Customer Communication Center Nissan Motor Co., Ltd.

Original review posted by user Mar 20, 2014

To Mr. Chairman and CEO of Nissan Motor JapanI’ve bought Nissan Teana 2013 model 2.0XL from Nissan dealer in Thailand (SIAM NISSAN SALES CO.,LTD) since December 22, 2013. In the third week , I’ ve found some heat from the front console in my car , with some vibration feeling during my driving , like a move on the rough road even though I know that I ‘ m driving on the smooth road since it’s the same way I use everyday.I ‘d contacted with the dealer to tell the problem I’ve found , I made an appointment to check what’s wrong with my car. On that appointed day , there’re technicians from Nissan Motor Thailand come to find out the problem with the technicians from the dealer.I leave my car for 1 day. The result from the computer tells that my car is normal (temperature compared with the test-drive car ) and also found nothing about the vibration movement that I feel during my drive.I trusted the result even though I always feel that it’s not the same feeling compare with the first 2 weeks ( the driving is very smooth , always pleasant). I continued to use my car with some questions in my mind but I think I can not do anything more than this.During this period of time , I ‘ve had some anxiety , cause it’s the time to deliver the new car ( Teana 2.0 XL same model , different colour ) to my husband. I doubted whether we should recieve the car or not , this model is OK really ? Always have ????? in my mind.However we receive the car ( second Teana for my family ) on January 23 , 2013 ( 1 month later ).February 15, 2014 the day that I won’t forget , I drove up the motor way , climb up the slope with the attempt to be in front of the big truck on the right lane , my car jerked , feeling like it’s going to stop but fortunately , it can go on after 4-5 seconds, I’ve survived.From that day , the jerky happened almost everyday , sometimes less ; sometimes more but the vibrating movement always stays with my car sincerely. I ask for the help from the dealer , tell the problem , make appointment for check up again , this time there will be the technicians from Jatco company accompanied.February 22, 2014 I appointed the technician from the dealer to test drive together before the appointment with the technicians from Jatco. On that day we didn’t find jerky , only found vibrations along the movement which I think it’s the close frind to my car already. I have some anxiety whether we could find the jerky or not when the technicians from Jatco come , will they think I lie ???February 24,2014 the appointed date with technicians from Jatco , I stop my work in the afternoon to come to test drive on the way I use regularly with all the technicians. Luckily , we found 1 definite jerky ( even though not much like the first time I experienced ) and many vibrations along the drive. The technician from Nissan Motor and the dealer tell me that from the result , my car has something wrong with the gear , they tell me that they will change CVT gear for me , at that time I could not speak with the technicians from Jatco , they went away after test drive finished. I hardly accept this , I bought a new car ; like any customers , I hopefully find the normal car , at least ; no problem , anxiety-free , safety indeed , no need to fix or change the primary compartment of the car ( in my opinion ; gear is the significant compartment of the car) ; at least in the first 3 months of usage. From the message above , I think I really don’t receive any of primary needs. During this time I ‘ve got anxiety , inconvenience from leaving the car for check up , have to leave my work in some day. Nobody can imagine they will find these things from the new car from one of the most reliable company.I tell the dealer that I want a new car , I know that it’s hard to accept for the dealer , however during the argument ; I asked for the spare car , but no one try to contact me at that time , they can not answer or give any help if I don’t accept the condition they give.After some arguments with the dealer , the representative from SIAM NISSAN SALES CO.,LTD Mr. Attaphichart Shawsuwannachart tell me that I should give a permission to change the gear in my car , or else they will not give a spare car to me , and then the process of changing the new car can happen after some councelling ; determine how much my car worth , when there’s a price difference between old car and new car ; who ( Nissan Motor Thailand , SIAM NISSAN SALES CO.,LTD, Me) will support the difference and how much. I have no choice at that time , believing that the representative won’t lie to me , I give a permission to change the gear , by speech; not any writing.They give a spare car to me after 2 days from that . I continue to use the spare car , depressed feeling ; what an experience of buying a new car from Nissan.March 10,2014 after 10 days of spare car using , always wait and wait for someone from Nissan to call me . My patience stops , I call Mr. Attaphichart , asking about my new car , he told me that Nissan Motor has changed the gear already , they want me to continue using the old car by giving me special offers , they will extend the warranty of the gear from 100,000 Km. to 120,000 Km. or 3 years to 4 years , and free maintainance every 10,000 Km. until 100,000 Km. I ask him "when did you know this ? " He answer " March 6, 2014"I ask " why shouldn’t you tell me at that time , don’t you know I always wait for the reply? "He can not answer .However I told him that I want to change the car , if it’s impossible , please tell me sincerely , if it’s possible ; please tell me how much I should pay , If I can accept ; if it’s reasonable , I will pay.He told me " It’s possible , which colour do you want , how about other option , do you want to change the model ?"I reply " I want the same colour ( white ) and if it’s possible , I want 2.5 XV , I’ve read the review and found that 2.5 will experience less vibration feeling ; but if it’s not possible I’m OK with the 2.0XL"He told me that he will give the answers 1-2 days later.

Again and again , I wait , 2 days later ; March 12,2014 , no one call me, I call Mr. Attaphichart and ask.I " what about my car ?"He " Does anyone call you , the representative from Nissan Motor will call you"I " No one call me , but if you already know the detail , please tell me "He "Nissan Motor will not change the new car for you , if you want the New car , you have to go to the court"I stunt , what a feeling , 2 days ago ; you didn’t tell me like this. If I’s not possible to change the car , why shouldn’t you tell me at the first .He can not answer in the smart way.I call the representative from Nissan Motor Thailand Mr. Wittaya, ask him , I want to know how much I have to pay if I insist to change the car?He tell me he can not reply by now , have to check the price of the old car first.March 14 ,2014 Finally Mr. Attaphichart call me and said that now my car worth 830,000 Baht.

Oh MY GOD !!!! I buy the car for 1,302,000 Baht , during my 3 months ( in fact I use it only 2 months , after that ; the car went for processing) the price go down 500,000 BahtHe asked " How much can you pay for this ?"I can not reply , stunning , depressed , how can I explain my emotion at that time .I buy a new car , once I feel something abnormal , I tell SIAM NISSAN SALES CO.,LTD. The dealer keep going said that we can’ t find the problem , the car is OK , until some day that the problem shows apparently , one question that I want to ask Nissan " Do you accept that my car has some manufacturer defect from the start , it doesn’t happen from my usage"

And in case of manufacturer defect that can be detected from the early time , is this the normal way that Nissan should response to their customers ? Is this the international policy of Nissan ?

And for Nissan Motor Thailand , do you think that the way they response to me is the smart way to take care the customer who have the problem from the car? I ask for "SINCERITY" , can I trust the company ? Why the representative give a lie to me ? And if I accept for the old car , who can guarantee the safety , the satisfaction for me ?By now they send a report to me , the report says " from Consult III Plus , can not find any error code of the gear and system related , but the jerky can be found when the velocity is around 50-60 Km./Hr."The report also says "Now the gear ‘ve been changed already , from Consult III Plus ; it shows all system run normally"

How should I trust the result from Consult III Plus ?I ask Mr. Aphichart " If I use the old car , and the problem happen in the same manner again , how will the manufacturer response to me , are you sure I’m safe enough in Nissan car?" By now , he can not answer me.Now that I can not find someone who will help me , the only thing I can do is to tell anyone , my friends in social media . I’ ve posted the text in one of the most popular social media in Thailand . PANTIP as from the link Anyone can join us and spread their opinions in the way they like.I’ m a dentist , working in the hospital , in my career , our role is to pay responsibility to all our patients , working with soul and sincerely practice .For the business , I think "SINCERITY" is one of the important part for success. If someone failed to reach this , they hardly reach their target.Finally I hope that this message can go directly to your heart . I hope to hear some response from you and your company . Still , if the company ignore my request , I have to search for another help , maybe another way that’s more public ; newspaper, TV news, etc.Hope to hear from you soon.Sincerely yours

This is the real message that I've sent to Nissan Motor Japan ( and also Nissan Motor Thailand ) since March 16,2014 and it's been 20 days that I have to use spare car without any responses from Nissan representatives.

All I have to do is "WAITING" just like before !!!!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #799266

I can feel your anxious, depress and upset completely. Hope the mother company will contact u soon.

Two weeks agao, I was thinking about having 2.0xl model for myself, but now I am no longer sure.

to TP Bangkok, Krung Thep, Thailand #799269

Thank you for your understanding , by now I want everything go to the final solution as soon as possible.

It has been 2 months that my life go wrong , everything has changed , it's always trouble me that I can not sleep well each night ( ไม่มีคืนไหนเลยที่เราจะหลับได้อย่างเป็นสุข ) and I want my happy life come back again. :cry :cry :cry

to Toffyna #799620

Any luck so far ?

Your info are very helpful for one who's seeking for a brand new car in Thailand.

A lot people suffered a similar situation, as you were, and were ignored by car manufacturers. Instead, they have thrown the responsibility direct or indirect to dealers, which already known for unprofessional for some dealers, then you got a jackpot.

Would you mind if I may have a conversation with you on a phone ? I really would like to hear a story from you.

This may help me making a decision to or not to buy the teana 2.0xl.

My cell phone is +6689 112 1944,and name is Tas.

to TP New Castle, Pennsylvania, United States #799643

By now nothing. When customers decide to buy something in Thailand ( may be anywhere else ) , they gonna take a chance ; if they're not in luck , they may experience some tragedy. :cry :cry :cry

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