Reston, Virginia

I went into Nissan West of Gastonia, NC to purchase a Nissan Altima and was told I could only purchase a Sentra. They needed my wife's credit score which was 606, they then lied and said they could not use her score.

However, upon going to Harrelson Nissan of Rockhill, SC I later ascertained that Nissan West was lying. I also ascertained that Nissan West had added my wife fraudulently to the loan application with Coastal Federal Credit Union. I am a disabled Viet Nam Veteran who feels very hurt by the unprofessional salesmanship of Nissan West Personnel, namely, Chris Chance who is Chief Financial Officer there at.

I just want to be placed in the vehicle I asked for. Nothing Further.704-671-2530

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You are doing the right thing, sir, posting this on Pissed Consumer! You have my high five for being a proud veteran!

We need to post Nissan West's phone # here and I ask that all who read this post call 704-867-0000 and let's tell Mr. Chance what we think!

I am very happy the other dealer was able to help you. The Altima is a great car!


fraud is serious. Get your banks fraud investigation unit involved.

I have been in the same situation before with Randy Marion. I got the bank, and more importantly the State Attorney General's office involved. They launched a formal investigation and the deal worked out in my favor. So if you think you've been had, you probably have.

Don't just sit back and take it, fight back. Or else they will do it to someone else.

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