Dallas, Texas
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I've taken my truck to the shop over and over again and none of the Nissan mechanics seems to be able to fix their own product. I am constantly spending money seems like each and every week.

Can you please find someone to fix my truck without without taking all of my money? I am doing my part by bringing my truck only to the Nissan company to be fixed.

I shouldn't have to keep spending this kind of Money without any results.

I use to always tell people Nissan is the best, now I'm not sure anymore.

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:( I'm in the same situation. Good luck, I have been fighting with Nissan since December of 2010 on a warranty issue.

Also $4000.00 out of pocket later. Don't give up. Try contacting your states Department of Motor Vehcile Dealerships Licensing Board, State Attorney General, Better Business Bureau. Maybe Nissian will figure it out if they have enough complaints to answer too!!

I have also found many websites for complaints.

One good on is Rip off Report!!!! Good Luck.

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