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Dear Sir/ Madam

My name is : Shahram Mirsalehi

I have a major problems with Nissan Company regarding my car.

I bought the Nissan Patrol full option around 300K AED with chassis No : JN8AY25YXB9011324 in June 2011 From Nissan and when I got the car from Showroom I have felled some problems in the Engine. I have return back to the show room in day after and The sells person told me that they will solve it in the time of first 1000 service,

I brought the car on 1000 KM service and report them the problems and they said we will solve it for you. after getting the car from the service center they said we have already fixed the car problems but after three or four days again I have faced by the same problems so again I came back to the nissan service center and they said we will fix it on 5000KM. I don't want to make my email longer than this and I will copied of my conversation between me and NIssan service center in below my email and you can see in the attachment, what happened to my car after this much time from the begging.

Im really suffering for this matter and Im paying the installment to the bak every month but with no car. Even when I bought my car on the beginning I paid them like 15,000AED for the seprate service contract to feel free for any future problems.

I asked them to replace the car for me, As I don't have trust to this car any more after all the problems for me and my family and they said you have to pay the balance of the new car and we can replace it for you which I can do the same in the market by my self.

On the last conversation on the phone, I have told them that I will follow up with the NIssan In Japan and they said do whatever you want.

The point is that, this car has a problems since first 100KM and still I have the same problems and even worse than before. I believe this car is a faulty car from the Factory and NIssan has to replace the car and get me the new one with no fees. Even I told them to get me the same model (2011) but zero KM. I don't need 2012 Car I need my same car without any problems, I didn't enjoy from this car since beginning because of all problems.

I already have be patient enough with these issues with them.

If Nissan Will not solve my problem immediately I have no option any more and I have to start my Claim with Media and news Papers which I think will solve my problem faster.

PLease look at attachment which is the emails for my conversation and Nissan Service center with persons which they were involved.

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From: SHAHRAM Subject: Re:MeetingSummary&FollowUp

Date: August 14, 2012 5:04:41 PM GMT+04:00

To: RobertoCossutti

Cc: Ajay Lakshman , Munawar Abbas

Dear Mr. Roberto:

Thanks for your reply.

I am sorry, But i do not properly realize the SOLUTION point in your proposal!

Actually, as i understand, What you are proposing to me as a "solution", is something that I could have done by myself Also, to simply sell this faulty Car in the Market and spend an additional amount of AED 55,000 from my own pocket and purchase a Band new one with the value of AED 280,000 ( As per Mr. Ajay's quotation earlier on the phone ) !!!! otherwise Please correct me if your proposal is something other than my understanding from it.??

I tried to bring to your kind attention, the inconveniences that i and my family have had during past couple of months. What you are proposing me is disappointing and is completely unacceptable.

It seems that my issue is not a priority for your organization. in fact, what you keep repeating is just to convince me to take the Car back.!

I am left with no other options, and i believe now it is better to get some legal advices and disclose the issue with your Middle- east head quarter as well as the mother Company in Japan.

Kind Regards Shahram Mirsalehi

On Aug 9, 2012, at 2:01 PM, Roberto Cossutti wrote:

Dear Shahram,

Firstly let me apologies for the delay in getting back to but unfortunately there are a number of people involved to find a solution to your vehicle.

At the outset let me assure that the vehicle has been repaired and is free from any defects.

In terms of changing vehicle we have arrived at a price of AED 55,000 which will need to payed by yourself. We arrived at this price with the best solution provided by our Sales Team.

I look forward to your response.


Roberto Cossutti

National Service Manager

Service Department

Tel: +971-­"4-­"295-­"0333

Fax: +971-­"4-­"2952702

Mob: +971-­"50-­"1074133

P.O. Box: 2128, Dubai, UAE

Email: Web:

PPlease consider your environmental responsibility. Before printing this e-mail ask yourself: "Do I need a hard copy?"

From: SHAHRAM [] Sent: Wednesday, August 08, 2012 2:16 AM To: Roberto Cossutti

Cc: Ajay Lakshman

Cc: Ajay Lakshman

Subject: Re: Meeting Summary & Follow Up Dear Mr. Roberto,Ajay

This is my third follow up regarding my issue, please let me know the status of the case. Almost one month gone and still you didn't get back to me.

hope to hear from you soon.

Regards Shahram

On Jul 31, 2012, at 1:31 PM, SHAHRAM wrote:

Hello Mr. Roberto

I just wanted to follow up the issue, since we had meeting on last week, I haven't receive any result, Kindly Update me.

Regards Shahram

On Jul 24, 2012, at 5:13 PM, SHAHRAM wrote:

Dear Mr. Roberto:

It was a pleasure meeting you with Mr. Ajay to discuss my Nissan Patrol engine & A/C problem on Saturday in your office.

I appreciate your professional and constructive approach in trying to find a mutually agreed solution.

What we spoke about:

I tried to bring to your attention an unpleasant incident that happened to me while making a Service from your Agency workshop as follows:

Unfortunately upon the car's arrival, I was quite disappointed as there were a few unexpected problems which has been reported from the first service of 1,000 KM such as Engine technical problems and a noise

from the engine as well as my serious problem with the Air- conditioning.(You can check your available records in your workshop.

I was told that the problem has been solved and there is nothing to be worry about at all. I have also paid the additional amount of AED 15,000 and purchased a Service contract to have peace of mind and VIP services. I would have taken the Car regularly (every 5000 KM-

as it was mentioned in the service Agreement) to the service center while I was having the same problems and keep reporting it to the Service center/ advisor.

On my 25,000 Kms service, while I was driving the car out from the Workshop, the Security guard in the workshop stopped me and pointed an smoke from the front side and i started to feel a very hot air from A/C, so I immediately made a u-turn inside the workshop and inform the Service Manager. They requested me to leave the Car again for another 3 day to be tested properly. He recognized the problem immediately, and said the Compressor has to be replaced. I did what they asked me to, and left the workshop with NO CAR.

After the replacement, I took my Car back. The new event took place while I was traveling to other city in UAE among with my family and my 10 months old Son. in the way back i suddenly faced with a hot air again from the A/C in 49 degrees temperature on Friday, June 22nd, 2012. this caused me many difficulties while my 10 months son was really suffering during the trip back home. They said one of the parts was expired and kept my car from Saturday to Thursday last week to solve the problem. I was very disappointed and left the showroom again.

On Thursday when they delivered the Car, they assured me that i will not face with such a problems. They apologized without any special satisfactory service. in the way back i faced with the same problem in less than half an hour and drove back to workshop to report it at the same time. They took back the Car again. Service Manager was attending the issue personally & hoping and promising for favorable resolution. This time I was told that the whole A/C system is replaced and nothing to be worry.!

within just 3 days after delivery, I faced with the same problem. Same hot air and same engine noise.! really tired. i returned the Car again to the Workshop. I found that such a service quality is impractical and irrational.

It is but imperative to point out that the money that i have paid to purchase this Car , and the time I've invested were for me and my family satisfaction. Now visiting the Nissan workshop is becoming a part of my daily schedule. I am sure that you will understand how disappointing is my position.

You have been listening to me closely and been very patient which is highly appreciated.

You explained me what has been done on my car and told me about your personal involvement in the case.

Then we discussed about the manufactured fault on my car and spoke about the possibility of my Car replacement with the brand new one. You told me that my car can be replaced with another used car with the same model and millage OR replacement with the condition of paying the difference by me with the consideration of 5% reduction per 3 month, which was refused by me. As i have explained earlier these things happened from the car arrival, it was absolutely out of my hand and beyond my control, and every time i was told and promised that the problem will be sorted.You told me that this is the sole decision of Mr. Rustamani.

You have offered me free extended warranty up to 60,000 KM, due to the wrong information given to you, while I have purchased the same from the very beginning to have peace of mind by paying additional amount of AED 15,000 aprox.

Then you told me that, you will be busy on Sunday and will start the discussion with your

directors to see what are the things can be done on my case.

I would like to inform you once again, The described events have caused me difficulties, stress and hours of valuable time from my busy work schedule.

I am writing to you in request for your understanding and cooperation and your involvement to sort the issue out & off course expecting your immediate action and reply.

Kind Regards Shahram Mirsalehi

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