I traded in a 2004 nissan sentra for a 2011 sentra, thinking to myself the fuel milage would be the same or better sence the epa has been on the car companies for the last 20 years toget better fuel milage. But I was wrounght,(the 2004 mpg was 31to36) the 2011 28 mpg that's hyway miles.So I have lost 9 miles to the galon of gas,I am veary pissed!!!!!!!!!! Before bying the car I kept asking the sale man over and over are you sure the car will get as good gas milage as the old one it gets 31-36 mpg.

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:cry all nissan are gas guzzlers i did own 5 of them from truck to altima to ser vspeck not icluding the last one i own right now a 4-L ser vspeck that cost 150 dollard for 4 spark plugs than not install included btw :P so i have 1 thing to say (never again !!! ) goood driving but bad to the wallet for repairs and gaz :P going back to GM :(



I haven't met a Nissan salesperson yet that can tell the truth.


well..obviously you didnt even look at the STICKER which TELLS YOU what the mileage is.

Be pissed at yourself, you made the mistake of trusting humans.

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