Farmingville, New York
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I recently bought a new vehicle from Nissan 112 in Medford. The salesman did what he did best and screwed me big time.

I turned in a 2006 Nissan 350Z 2 months early and Nissan told me they would take over 2 full payments. Come to find out after the fact I only had 1 payment remaining and they didn't even pay it. I received a certified letter that I had to pay this and excess wear and tear on my old vehicle. Come to find out after I bought the vehicle the NMAC does not accept 350zs in there pull ahead program.

Well Nissan 112, so they say they will pay the 1 payment after I spoke with them they actually included those 2 payments in my bill of sale. They are crooks and if I can give anyone advise its to look at your sale very clearly and know what your signing.

I have bought 3 cars from them and I tell you its the last. If I can make any difference at all by influencing you to go to another dealer than paybacks a b!T@*.

Monetary Loss: $1300.

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