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Why there wasn't a multi car pile up, I will never was the worst possible spot---no line of visibility, around a curve....I spent 9 minutes watching a 2 inch by 8 inch nightmare in my rear view mirrow unfold as unknowing motorists swung around the curve heading straight at lamming on my horn thinking OMG I am going to die....and now, Walser Nissan of Burnsville MN tells me they "can't duplicate the incident" own mechanic, Ultimate Automotive, of Apple Valley, MN, drove the car in city traffic for less than 15 minutes, said the transmission fluid temperature went up to 295 degrees F....why can't Walser Nissan duplicate this???? I am confused, confused, CONFUSED.

This really scares me because SMALL CHILDREN WILL DIE FROM THIS. Ford has already recalled the CVT is DANGEROUS....all that Nissan was "willing" to do was extend the warranty to 120,000 miles---with the contingency that the mechanics in the garage "must be able to duplicate the CVT transmission failure". Okay, so, like, I am a shop supervisor. I have my guys.

They have wives, kids. Who am I going to put in this car to drive it around until it spontaneously FAILS on the freeway? OMG the Nissan CEO's have certainly figured out a way to save money here. Does anyone remember Ralph Nadar, Ford's exploding Pinto fuel tanks, back in the 1970's???

Our world is so filthy corrupt. How many dads, moms, sisters, brothers, friends, must die....with nothing to be done.

In the 2006 Nissan Maxima has been in the garage for over a week....and I am being told repeatedly that they cannot duplicate the problem, therefore there is nothing to check the odometer. I know EXACTLY what the mileage was when I passed it on to them.

Let's just see if they actually test drove it or not. Everything is being documented.

I am an experienced litigator. This should be FUN!!!

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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