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The salespeople were fawning and would bring your grand mother with cancer to the hospital ON and BEFORE the day of the sale. BUT...once the deal was signed and we paid $19,000 for our car and were ready to drive off he lot we were informed (at that time and never before) that there was nly one key. Oh and that if they couldn't find the extra it would be $300. I said, "If we were told before fine but to be told at the last second is unethical. We are only expecting a second car key which is normal. Sales people said NO. I said why don't we split the cost of a key. Sales manager looked me n the eye with hatred, venom, and arrogance and said NO!. analysis - Nissan product is fine but sales people tend to be very very under-educated, desperate, and vile. Cardinale Nissan ...NO No No...

PS This was so wrong NIssan Corporate apologized and is paying for the key. BUT..I had to fight to just get what was right. The sales people really make it hard to believe in evolution.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #766065

I bought a Nissan Rouge from this dealership too. I had my Rouge for less than a year and now I need a new transmission.

I am over my 60,000 warranty. But there is no reason that I need a new transmission already. The service team at Cardinal says should change transmission fluid at 100,000 miles. Well my car is at 64,000 miles and I even bought an extended warranty that covers 100,000 miles.

The Nissan is not going to honor my mileage and the warranty company which is S Guard Santander Consumer (the third party warranty company that Cardinal Nissan sold to me) It is like the companies knew something was wrong with my Rouge from the beginning. I had the car for three months and I had a blew out gas exhaust. Come on now!!! I believe they sold me a defective car and knew about this.

That is why I had to buy am S-Guard Santander extended warranty and now they both will not pay for my new transmission. :(

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #752031

I assume you bought a used vehicle. If a new one, then two keys are standard and you need to contact Nissan corporate about this.


No 2nd key usually means used-car purchase. Gee, lets see, a used car sales lot was super nice to you to close the deal then once they had your money and signed contract, tone changes. SHOCKER!

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