Ottawa, Ontario

I too have had both a 2002 and a 2005 nissan altima, and both had the same problem of the under floor rusting out on the passenger side. It is amazing that Nissan have not addressed the problem as there have been many complaints.

If anyone knows of any compensation or repair being offered by Nissan, I would love to know. I have loved the Nissan Altima but surely am now beginning to second guess my choices.

Perhaps someone would know who I would contact at Nissan to lodge my complaint there. if the problem began with the 2002 , one would think it would have been addressed by 2005

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Georgetown, Ontario, Canada #590550

I just found out I have the same problem. with my 2005 Altima at 147k with a rusted out floor on the passenger side.

Took it to the dealer who would fix at my cost. Called Nissan Canada and they would not pick up the tab for the repair.


I was not left out. I too have a Nissan Altima 2005 with rust under the floor, driver side; A big freaking hole it is.

The rust starts from inside the panel around the drain hole, this leads to a design defect and Nissan should be liable. Who in the right mind puts a drain hole on the bottom of the car and expect to be Ok? it is a very *** thing do to because is not sealed 100% and the water makes inside the panel and this is why the panel rusts.The car is garaged all year round. I spray washed under many times during winter and well maintained.

I am very pissed off because this is the 2nd issue with this car. Last year I had to replace the crank shaft position sensor myself because the recall did not covered it. The reason was because a software upgrade should have re-solved the problem, that was just Engineering ***, it didn't work.

Do a lot of diligence when you buy a NISSAN. Good luck!

to Tony Salem, Massachusetts, United States #871545

I am dealing with the same problem on my Ultima 2005 now. 80,000 and 2 rusty area in the floor - on in the passenger side, the other one on the driver's side.

I called Nissan and filed a complain with them. I am not sure if they come back and pick up the tab.

Yes, the rust comes from inside, not outside, because of the drains. It is an engineering flaw and they should be liable for it.

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