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I noticed severe rust on the painted bumpers of my 11 month old Titan Pro-4x. Usually the Titan comes with chrome bumpers, but the Pro-4x model has painted bumpers.

Clearly the quality of the paint job is not up to standard, but Nissan refuses to give me a dime towards the repair. I even offered to pay for any additional protection if they could just have the area fixed to a 'like new' condition.

It's worth noting that I am a web designer and the truck has not been worked hard. The front bumper has a few chips in it too, but there is no rust.

My advice: Only buy a Nissan if you plan on driving it indoors.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Repair.

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At 60000 km my starter died and left me stranded. I also have the rust on both front and rear bumpers.


I have the same problem with my 2017 pro 4 x I’ve had for just a year.. rust on bumper ..

pissed.. Nissan customer service is terrible


I have the same issue and with 62000KM on it and still under warranty 3 year period, they said it was out of warranty and wouldn't admit that their bumper paint and metal quality is crap. I said, you know, rust doesn't happen in 2000KM it was there from a while ago.

to Luu #1459688

I suggest hounding them on Facebook. It worked for me, but the rust eventually came back even after repaint and 3m stickers.


I have a 2010 titan with 20K miles and Nissan did the same thing to me. Nissan doesn't care about its customers or the quality of the products. I will never buy another Nissan.


Mines doing the same exact thing

to Anonymous #1120234

They eventually fixed it (repainted and added 3M protection stickers) but I had to keep posting to their Facebook page.

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