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I brought my 2006 in because my radiator had blown and I needed a new one. I have the extended warranty through mpp.

Mpp denied paying for the work. In the mean time the auto mechanic at midway found the lower control arms loose. The warranty company paid midway 602.06 to replace the lower control arms. Midway offered to put in a new radiator for 700 dollars.

Fletchers would put a new radiator in for 200 dollars. The only reason I went to midway when my radiator blew was because that is the dealership the warranty company prefers. I have had previous good experiences at midway. But they have new service advisors.when I went to pick up my car they gave me a bill for 115 dollars.

When I asked what it was for... Andrew Sammis the service advisor told me it was for the diagnosis of the blown radiator. I would not reccomend taking your vehical to midway for service. I would definitely discourage any one to work with Andrew Sammis.

He was completely rude and un proffessional from the moment I dropped off my vehical.

Midway has lost my business over 115 dollars. I will now pay the deductible to the warranty to take it to an honest shop.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $115.

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The radiator has been replaced on my 2006 Murano. Today the transmission was acting as if it were going to flip.

The back up camera stopped working last night. I have a rattling sound when my air conditioning unit is running. This rattling sound was diagnosed earlier due to the blown radiator. Since we have noticed it only rattles when the air conditioning is running.

I was convinced by a good friend to take it back to Midway Nissan and speak with the service manager Keith Billings. Keith Billings was extremely proffessional and polite. Keith explained the best he could on what the $115 charge was for previously. I do not agree on the diagnostic charge (blown radiator).

However I understand it, and I would have expected to pay if Midway had not found something else wrong with the vehical that the warranty company would pay for. I have previously had an oil change done and my brakes replaced at Midway that the warranty company did not pay for. I must admit after speaking with Keith Billings today my frusteration was mis directed. MPP (The warranty company) is where my anger and frusteration on the blown radiator should have gone.

I can not find a way to retract my previous statement. Keith Billings went out of his way today to give me the utmost respect and awesome customer service. For that I appreciate and am willing to pay for. I am confident that my future visits at Midway Nissan will be above satisfactory.

Thanks Keith! Lilly Lucas & Mike Johnson


Sorry you feel ripped off, Mike Lucas. When you dropped off your vehicle you were asked to approve the $115 for diagnosis, because you are not a regular customer of the dealership.

In the past you have declined all maintenance and non warranty covered repairs.

If you were a customer that performed the regular maintenance on your car at the dealership, you would not have been charged the $115. In the future when you are explained the diagnosis fee and you sign for it, you should expect to pay it if the concerns you came in for are not covered by your warranty.

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