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Date Mileage (KM) Complaint / Remark Page No.

14 July 2015 26,592 Check L/H Side Door Vibration Noise 23

28 July 2011 1067 Engine *** upon slowing down 22

30 Nov 2011 10,716 14 Points Check 20

31 Jan 2012 15,865 14 Points Check 19

16 Feb 2012 20,046 14 Points Check 18


4 Jun 2012 33, 303 • 14 Points Check

• Power Engine Maintenance Package/Service 16

09 August 2012 41,000 • Check Rattling Noise FRT RHS Door While Driving 15

21 Sep 2012 46,158 • 14 Points Check

• Check When 100KM/H & above got Burning Smell

• Intermittent very loud noise audible from Left 14

15 May 2013 71,810 C/R FRT LHS Door Rattling Noise 10

13 Mar 2014 103,960 • Wind Noise from front Left while driving above 100kmh 7

12 May 2014 109,695 • rattling noise from Engine while driving

27 May 2014 111,341 • rattling noise from Engine

• Air-conditioner compressor was replaced and charged with RM1,815.00 6

08 July 2014 115,579 • rattling noise from Engine 5

08 Nov 2014 124,108 • Brake Pads replaced but still rattling noise persistent 4

The highlighted are the complaints I did to Nissan service centre but in the letter from NISSAN date 23 October 2015 clamming that I only complaint once on 21 September 2012 (Refer to attachment at PJ 7 from NISSAN Malaysia). Please read the chronology below. My vehicle is parked at home from April 2015, so I am claiming my monthly car instalment from April 2015 (RM 1840.00 X 9) RM16,560.00 and my air-condition compressor RM1800 which I already paid and repair my gear box. Please advise ASAP and fail to do it, will share with others in social media

Sadly, since taking delivery of the car, I have experienced intermittent noise problem from the car NISSAN TEANA 2.0 litre with Malaysia registration number WVN 3040 bearing Engine No: MR20014311R. This problem has been registered with NISSAN service centre since repeated noise problem persisting after every service . On 21 September 2012 (Clocked Mileage: 46,158kM); I complained of burning odour detected while driving but the Service Centre was unable to diagnose the fault resulting in the air-conditioner compressor malfunctioned and followed by the gear box fault.

These problems could have been averted if the Service Centre exercised professionalism, prudence, and conducted an extensive technical diagnosis on the problem affecting the car. It would have saved me cost and time in remedial maintenance work. All of my complaints has been logged and beseech your good offices to check on the number of times I have registered the rattling noise problem. It makes me ponder if your workshop is technically competent.

Please take note, NISSAN service centre in the process of checking the fault have damaged LHS window glass because every time I lodge the compliant, the service foreman opens the car LHS front window glass suspecting the source of the loud noise being the glass window. They have a way of making you feel ***.

Once I was driving with my family, suddenly we heard very loud sound where all of us were caught with fright. I did record the noise and the recording is as per attached. Upon sharing this with NISSAN service centre ; the Service personnel displayed a lackadaisical attitude. I just wonder what kind of problem Nissan will take it seriously?

On 25 April 2015 I took the car to NISSAN Service Taman Perindustrian Sungai Sedu, Jalan Banting to check the loud noise. An officer by the name of Mr. Fadzli bin Hamza and a Foreman attended and informed that the noise is due to the RHS front Brake pad which has worn out causing scratches on the brake disk as well as the metal plate holding the brake pad has broken. I asked Mr. Fadzli bin Hamza, can it be replaced immediately and he told me that they don’t have the parts now but they can order if I really wanted to be replaced. I agreed and asked him when will the parts will be ready and he told me that he will contact me once the parts arrived, maybe in 1 week time and also he gave his name card to contact him if I have any enquiry. I called his hand phone at +60172231217 on 25 May 2015 to find out the status of the parts, but he did not answer any of my calls and also did not reply to my SMS until to date. This is really perturbing to say the least!

On 11th June 2015 I took my car to another NISSAN service centre in Padang Jawa, Klang to replace my wind screen and also check on the unsettled loud noise. I left my car for 2 full days for them to change the wind screen and 1 day to check on the noise. I went back after receiving message from NISSAN that my car is ready for collection and they told that the noise is due to the brake pad and the noise will disappear once I change my brake pads. I asked them back, is anything wrong with the brake disk and they told me that there’s nothing wrong with the brake disk. This has left me dumbfounded!

I took my car back to another NISSAN service centre in Jalan Kemajuan, Petaling Jaya on 15 July 2015 and ask them to check on the unsettled noise which has now become increasingly worrisome. I had a very bad experience at the service office there where Mr. Tham Wai Kit thought I came without appointment because my car registration number was not in the daily appointment board and he refused to attend to my car where in fact I have already called NISSAN customer service centre on 14 July 2014 to make an appointment to check on the noise and the Lady personnel who attend my call advised me to go straight to the service centre because this isn’t not a service appointment but an emergency case. I explain to Mr. Tham and he was adamant and not happy with my explanations and displayed his displeasures by throwing file, pen and punch keys in keyboard in an aggressive manner and just walked away from his desk after I signed the information/service sheet without wishing me anything and I was still seated at counter. Later I received a call from the service centre and now they tell me gear box is faulty and what was causing the noises and now after a long winded hassle and running around the bush; Nissan wants me to pay RM 18,000 to replace with a new gear box.

Since I have lodged complaints from the very beginning and since Nissan Service Centre was inept/negligent to diagnose the fault I would appreciate it very much that the gear box replaced without any charges and also refund back my RM1815.00 which I paid for the replacement of air conditioner compressor because I have been complaining about the noise since I bought the car and I never had my car serviced other than from NISSAN service centre since the day I purchased. None of your service centres that I took my car were able to diagnose accurately on the noise problem resulting in gear box and air conditioner compressor faults.

I also own and drive Mitsubishi Pajero and a few Malaysia made cars for more than 7 years and have not experienced major problems unlike what I have faced with my NISSAN. These persistent problems and the diagnosing of problems by trial and error method by NISSAN Service Centre has left me disillusioned with NISSAN and more importantly, it has made my Life so much difficult. Fervently hope to get a favourable respond from NISSAN.

Reason of review: Warranty issue.

Monetary Loss: $4267.

Preferred solution: Full refund.

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It is deepest request to note that the claim for the air cond compressor will not be entertain. It should be duly noted that the nissan teana 2014 with mileage of 106k KM is high level model and not the entry level of car so same sort of quality assure must be prioritised on these vehicle.

I don't deny the fact of the lapse of warranty but Tan chong Malaysia must also emphasise on quality and durability of parts of the vehicles. It is rather difficult to accept the fact that part of new age can't last Long


I am mr lim . On friday i send my grand livina go to Rawang tan chong service centre .

The service is very poor and too bad. After service when i collect my car . My radio all data gone.

Aften reach home i saw my engine cover is very thirty . I feel be cheated by the service people.


Poor customer service! Sales department push to workshop, workshop push to sale department.


I'm facing the same problem. My Almeera making a loud noise after 3 months on today they found a problem of my car, but unfortunately my smart tag lost during they repair my car.....!!!!!


I recently have very bad experience with Tan Chong service center for their inability to fix numerous problems with my 2013 Nissan Serena. I had the transmission replaced under warranty but their bad workmanship caused unknown rattling sound at certain rev range.

After a few attempts to find out that they did not re-install the exhaust pipe properly after changing transmission. I also had the steering shaft replaced as it was having sound loud clicking when turning. A few months later, I have to walk in to the service center every week for 3 weeks to fix my aircon. They ended up changing piece by piece from the O-ring to cooling coil and then compressor.

Even though it was all free of charge as it was covered under warranty, it has caused much inconvenience to my life. Numerous calls and emails to the center to request for them to extend my warranty for a few months was unsuccessful. Additionally, the service center also messed up my mileage entry and fast forwarded by ~5000km. It took them a few months to investigate and still yet to be rectify despite that fact that request has been submitted by one of the service center.

Despite all the mishaps by Nissan, I received no compensation nor apology, not even a call from their customer service manager. Nissan car quality and services are subpar and I will never buy another Nissan again!


bro, is your problem solved?

my new X-trail is giving many problem too and not yet solve TCEAS customer service is bad too, Kevin, Cherry....all sucks...


Did any one from Nissan Tan chong get back to you ??

Because i do have a complaint but i dono where and how to raise it ...

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