Indianapolis, Indiana

You have one of the worst commercials I have seen! What poor judgment to use a little boy being a total BRAT smashing his toy cars, flushing them down the toilet, throwing them,etc.

Of course not his toy Nissan which is the same as the one in the driveway!!! That is just what the public needs to see - a little undisciplined BRAT! We see enough of those in real life. For goodness sake, someone in your commercials for TV department could have done a better job.

This commercial is just plain terrible and should be removed from TV ASAP!!!

It is just plain awful. Any intelligent human should see the error in this commercial

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I walked right into my Nissan dealership and paid cash for my smokey grey Versa. Who cares what commercials are on tv. I love my dammm car!


It is not the commercial so much as the Nissan Altima feature they are bragging about. It is so annoying.

The car sounds the horn every time the tire pressure is reached on each wheel. Can you imagine getting gas and having to listen to some *** fill his tires. Even listening to the horn going off in the commercial is irritating.

Please Nissan , drop this feature, it is worse than having the horn go off when you lock the doors remotely, though not much. We don't need more noises in this world.


Oh shut the *** up you two prudes! I bought my Nissan BECAUSE of this the little boy in that commercial necause he reminded me of my son at that age.

My boy is now 25 and he owns his own company that he started when he was 13.

Commercials and TV shows with bratty kids do NOT cause bratty behaviour in a kid, but BAD PARENTING does! If you are that concerned about your kid's behaviour because of a commercial then obviously you don't spend any time with your kid teaching him the difference between reality and make-believe!


All of the commercials they have out right now are annoying! "We're gonna have a baby", the traveling polar bear, etc. They should fire these ***-clowns and get a real ad agency.


I wholeheartedly agree!!! I do NOT even let my toddler son watch it for fear that he will be copying this little boy's bratty behavior. Very poor judgment on Nissan's part to put out a commercial like this.

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