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Today is June 10,2017 1:30pm I have a 2009 Nissan I went to start my car up and it would not start up.There was a light flashing of a car with a key in it.

I went to google to research the symptoms my car was showing. I tried everything that I read to fix the problem no avail. I then googled Nissan Altima starting problem. Which I came across a recall.

I found the problem, now the only problem is my car wouldn't start for me to get it to a dealership. I called my local Nissan dealership in countryside,IL. Now I'm pissed because they don't offer a tow service and I'm broke. So I make phone calls and come up with the tow money.

I make it to the dealership.. Great my car will get fixed... To my surprise they do not give Loaner cars.. ok now I am pissed because my car is broke down and I have no way to get to work or school all because of a manufacturer malfunction.

I should be compensated a loaner car for my lost of my car due to a malfunction of manufacturing error.. This is not right and it needs to be corrected. LOANER Vehicles should be given to consumers whose vehicles are in service for Recall..

This has really inconvenienced me!#pissednissanlover

Review about: Nissan Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

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