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Got a recap thrown at me from the bottom of another car, tore the front bumper up, insurance paid for the bumper, went ahead and had my roof and hood painted, cost me $750, the guy at the body shop says its common on all cars, said he sees on all makes and models like I mentioned before especially in the red and blue paint jobs, although it sucks it can't be blamed on any car maker, it's the paint and our friendly buddy in the sky we call the sun, at any rate they did a pretty good job on the paint job at Wilburn auto body which is a part of ABRA, so $750 and no payments I guess it could be worse....

Original review posted by user Jun 22, 2014

I own a 2007 Maxima, the car mechanically has been sound, I recommend Nissan they have great cars, I am submitting this report to warn potential Nissan Buyers not to purchase any shade of red, in 2013 my hood and the top of the car started getting a haze to it, looks as though the clear coat is breaking down, I do understand that it want last forever but this car has spent %50 of it's life in a garage away from the elements. I contacted Nissan customer support with the issue, after about three weeks of phone tag I was ultimately told there is nothing they can do for the car because there was A.

No recall on the paint, B. it is out of warranty, I think they just took a page out of the American auto makers handbook that I call the (Build it to last for 5 years to ensure we get them back for a trade in) LOL, maybe not so funny but a reality, now I know that reds and blues don't do very well exposed to UV, but with technology you would think these guys would have solved this puzzle by now, in short guys don't buy red, maroon, burgundy, etc.

if you plan on keeping the car for more than 5 years.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $2500.

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My 2006 titan has the same paint issues.Gunmetal colored paint.Roof and hood clear coat non existant.Paint has now bleached out to a smog white .Also purchased a 2013 Sentra (white) and paint starting to flake in several areas. While rinsing with a water hose after a wash paint in those areas flake worse.

Dealer took pics and sent to corp.Corporate now says it's highway road rash from rocks.These areas are on the hood,fenders,and doors.If i went to a do it yourself wash i'm thinking that i could actually blow the paint all the way off these areas using a pressure wash wand.One and a half year old vehicle with a BS warranty.I've had it with Nissan . I'll never buy another one of their vehicles.

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