Phoenix, Arizona

To Whom It May Concern

I'm John Beaubien using my wife's computer and am writing in regards to our '95 Nissan pick up truck. Said vehicle is unroadworthy due to the malfunction of a circuit board that costs roughly $50.00. I was informed that (a) the warranty had expired which I already knew and (b) that that part was no longer in stock or even manufactured.

I used to tell people what a good vehicle my pickup was. Now I'm going to have to tell people that (a) yes, Nissan products are good but (b) if you buy one and it malfunctions, depending on the malfunctioning part, you may wind up with a vehicle, like mine, that is worth about the same amount as a $1.50 throw away flashlight battery !!

John P. Beaubien

GySgt USMC (Ret)

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We bought a GPS for mileage speed. Works good, at least we know how fast we are going!



If I were you I would just contact my local salvage yard. They can tell you if a unit from another year or model can be substituted & if they can locate the part NATIONWIDE on their link-up circuit ! Even if you have to pay the $50.00 for a used part, at least you can keep the Nissan thingy going!

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