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The transmission on our 2008 Nissan Rogue went out at 84,000+ miles. Our mechanic replaced the transmission with a part from a Nissan dealer ($2111.00)and the job required $1100.00 in labor.

After paying to have it fixed, we stumbled across and found our car had an extended warranty to 120,000 miles. We had never been informed the warranty was extended. All attempts to have Nissan refund our expenses have failed. They say we are not due any customer goodwill as we did not take the vehicle to a dealer.

We didn't know to take it to a dealer. We believed we were past our warranty. Nissan refuses to accept any responsibility for not notifying us. It is our fault we didn't take it to a dealer.

Ridiculous logic. We even conceded that the mechanic fee might not be refundable but we wanted the $2111 back for the transmission. It was purchased from a Nissan dealer, they made money off us purchasing that part. Their parts mgr never once asked how many miles were on this car.

I was told that wasn't his job. Apparently, just selling transmissions, under warranty or not, is his job. Nissan refuses to even refund the cost of the part. A part they knew could go bad, covered themselves with an extended warranty and not a recall (they would have had to let us know about a recall).

Now, I can get emails and mailers from Nissan daily. Even a happy birthday email a month after my husband's birthday. But no info about an extended warranty? This is our 4th Nissan and I am really upset about losing $3500 in this process.

But I'm more upset that I can't buy another Nissan in the future. I won't give them anymore of my money after this.

I have told them this at corporate and they don't care either. Their customer service is deplorable and I won't give them anymore of my money.

Review about: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $3500.

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Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States #604009

Sounds like you should of taken it to the dealer in the first place. Free transmission, free rental.

your just a cheap f**k and wanted to save money with a shade tree mechanic. Look where that got you-$3500...

Btw, the dealer isn't gonna call everyone with a Nissan to tell them your warranty has been raised. I bet the original owner got a letter about it.

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