Gainesville, Florida

Back in 2007 when I needed an affordable car I thought Nissan is the best choice with the gas price and all that. So I decided to buy a car in a nissan dealership.

Customer service is almost unbearable but I told myself it's ok maybe just this people in this dealer. I bought all the warranty they have offered cause I don't know if the car is reliable enough. But when my first service came I brought it to a diferent nissan dealership, and guess what they gave me a hard time to set up for service since I didn't buy the car from them.

Recently, my car run into a tire problem and so I brought it to a nissan dealership, people in the service department is the worst ever. They talk to you as if you are having a honda car serviced in a nissan dealership.

They are just rude with no manners. The warranty i've been paying that they offer is totally useless. They said they won't cover tire replacement. No offer to put in the spare tire or whatsoever.

I'm so pissed off but realization comes. It's not worth it. Every nissan dealership is the same. People don't have manners, they are uneducated with the way they deal with people, the whole company needs a total make over of how they treat customers.

Two days later I have the car trade in even before it's paid off, and even if I lost money I don't care anymore as long as I will never deal with Nissan ever again. I told all my friends, relatives and co-workers my experience and it didn't even surprised me if a lot of them have the same experience. They get rid of their cars not because its a bad car but because people in Nissan are terrible. Because of my experience with Nissan I will never stop telling people about how bad this car company is and never ever buy a nissan car cause once a year that you deal with them is more than enough to set you off for the entire year.

It's not worth it. Now I have a Honda and as always, great customer service and more reliable car.

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nissans suck id rather cut off my feet and walk on nubs then drive one of those pieces of ***


gotta agree with tires? tires are covered by their own man warranty and nissan does not cover them.

take the time to read everything before buying a car. and also if the dealer treatment was bad than why buy the car


I have to point out that no warranty (except maybe one through the tire manufacturer) will ever cover tires. They are a wear and tear item.

They will wear out over time. Also, if you had read the warranty prior to purchase you would have known this.


Sympathize with you, but brush up on your English composition.

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