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2014 Versa Note SV bought New, found rust on the 3rd day of purchage in 12+ areas underneath including sub-frame and various components. Complained and requested replacement with a rust free car. Nissan won't replace or refund despite extensive correspondence, emails, phone calls, visits to the dealer, furnishing date stamped pictures of rust areas. Nissan is dragging its feet with feeble excuses - ' No excessive rust found' "rust is not affecting safety of the car' 'rust not affecting performance of the car' - which is why they will not replace it. Upon telling them that the due to rust, the resale value of car is severely diminished to junk car value - they have nothing to say. Filed complaints with authorities including the Attorney General but they are slow to process so nothing has come of it so far and Nissan won't stand behind its products. BBB Autoline has sided with Nissan and they just pissed on the Lemon Law doing that - despite providing scores of date stamped photographs of the rust areas.

Nissan is not giving me a charity car, nor it is a used car that they have sold me. I have paid full price with high interest for 6 years that I am going to be paying and I deserve a rust free car without defects but Nissan does not seem to agree to that.

People, please think a thousand times before buying a Nissan. A company that is trying to get away using every lame excuse. I am afraid that Nissan may have sold a large number of cars to buyers, with rust simply because the American buyer trusts manufacturers for their quality and integrity - but not in case of Nissan.

If any law students/retired lawyers/lawyers are willing to help - for an affordable fee - as I can not afford a lot at this time - please help me and may God bless you for your kindness.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

Reason of review: Damaged or defective.

Monetary Loss: $16000.

Preferred solution: Deliver product or service ordered.

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Turn your back on America you deserve what u got !!! BUY AMERICAN !!!!

Burlington, New Jersey, United States #959418

I have been a master tech for 9 years, the pictures you posted are of bare metal surfaces that will never ever present a problem to you or any of the next owners, the rubber in those control arm bushings will long wear out before the metal rots away. not to be mean but you are just making yourself look like an *** and adding stress to people that have jobs that are hard enough, i guarantee you can go look at a bmw or land rover and will find rust on the same parts. drive the car and enjoy

to Tom #976067

I'm not a master tech or a mechanic of any kind... But I do have general knowledge of cars and how to care for them.

I had the exact same thoughts as many of the people here. It's a car, it's outside, it gets wet. It's metal. Put 2+2 together and you get 4.

It's a little concerning that this man was crawling under a brand new car 3 days after buying it. Why? What was the purpose behind doing this... If not to look for a flaw to return the car.

I bought a brand new 2013 elantra in May of 2013. Guess what? I live next to the gulf of Mexico and lemme tell you, that salt air sucks and my car had almost the exact same rust areas. Car still drives perfect and I only have one issue that apparently is normal for my car which is a squeal on startup.

Some cars have their quirks.

I found a forum with other elantra owners who have the exact same problem. It's not hurting my car and only sounds wierd.


This is not an issue. This is only surface rust on components that are likely to rust.

The pictures you have shown in my book are not a concern. The structural integrity of the automobile is not in question if the pictures shown contain all the rust you are concerned about.


no question to me that it should not be sold as a new car, just wondering, if you can find any trace of water damage (carpet etc)

to jimmy Dewitt, Iowa, United States #925287

This guy would *** and moan about a free lunch. This is what we in the car biz call "Buyers Remorse" If he lives in the north this is expected and is Not unusual to find surface oxidation on metal surfaces.

If he wasn't so tight with his wallet he should have had it rust proofed.

These imports spend a lot of time on a ship traveling over very salty seas to be purchased by missled customers thinking imports are better. Tell him to *** off and drive the *** car and stop being so petty.

Dallas, Texas, United States #901161

Something does not sound right here.

Who goes crawling around underneath a new car 3 days after buying it?

You have experts who have established the car is not structurally solid as a result of the supposed rust?

You are not driving the car as you have stated it is unsafe to do so?

Call the Local Attorney State Bar, get referrals and see who you can find to take your case. You will find none.

You are in the North, known as the rust belt, cars up there do rust.

Being a leftover 2014, it most likely has been on the dealers lot for close to a year.

Please explain what prompted you to be crawling around under the new car 3 days after purchase. I have NEVER heard of that before!


Your car is fine. If you have rust on the frame or body then that would be bad.

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