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Update by user Apr 02, 2013

Well, this just keeps getting better... I've faxed the documentation I received after I turned in my lease as proof and Nissan claims they can't find it.

They also cannot locate the Altima anywhere so they want me to file a police report. Why should I file the report? I did exactly what I was supposed to do to turn in this vehicle and have the proof to back it up.

What happened to the car after I turned it in is not my problem. This is getting so out of hand I am considering hiring a lawyer.

Original review posted by user Mar 29, 2013

I am very unhappy with Nissan to say the least. Back on 10/27/12 I went back to the same dealer I leased my ’09 Altima from to turn it in and possibly purchase a new vehicle. Town Center Nissan in Kennesaw, GA said they could not get the bank to return a phone call since it was a Saturday evening. I said I would not have a ride if I turned my vehicle in that evening, so I made an appointment to return on October 31, 2012. They said they would have a new Altima (which I looked at and wanted to purchase) all ready for me when I turned in my lease on the 31st. I showed up with my son and the sales associate told me I didn’t qualify for a new Altima, but I could purchase a bare-bones Sentra, which – without my permission – he submitted a loan application for. I never looked at this Sentra, never drove it, never said I wanted it. The sales rep said that was the only car on their lot I qualified for – hmmmm. I returned my Altima, received a copy of the NMAC/IFC Vehicle Return Receipt and Federal Odometer Statement that was dated on October 27, 2012, which I questioned the sales team about. They said they filled out the paperwork when I was there on the 27th and had already submitted the vehicle’s return (which was news to me) and could not change the date. I left the dealer carless and unhappy. A few days later, I went across the street to Jim Tidwell Ford, who was more than happy to work with me. A few hours later I drove off the lot with a low miles 2011 Camry that they gave me a great deal on and I am very happy with.

Fast-forward 5 months…Nissan called me a few times mid-March, left a few messages but never said why they were calling. I work full time, go to grad school full time, and have a family. This phone call was not high on my priority list to return since I have not heard a word from either the dealer or Nissan since October 31, 2012. On March 28, 2013 a tow truck showed up at my place of business to repossess the Altima that I returned on October 31, 2012. I immediately placed a call to Town Center Nissan and, amazingly enough, the person in charge of “paperwork” was not in. I left a message that has yet to be returned. I then called Nissan via the phone number supplied to me by the dealer. The woman I spoke with insisted that I called in October and told her the dealer would not take delivery of the Altima, so I could not return it. This is completely untrue. When I spoke to her I told her that I would return the vehicle on the 31st due to the fact that the dealer could not get a hold of a bank and I did not have a ride back home if I left it there that evening. I also told her I had an appointment to return the vehicle on the 31st. This woman was adamant about the fact that what she was saying was indeed true because she wrote it in her “notes,” that I was lying, and that I still had possession of the vehicle and was hiding it somewhere. Why would I transfer the tag I had on the Altima to my Camry and have a copy of the NMAC/IFC Vehicle Return Receipt and Federal Odometer Statement if this was the case? What happened to giving someone the benefit of the doubt? Apparently, Nissan representatives do not possess this quality. This needs to get rectified immediately and this had better not negatively impact my credit score. If it has, that needs to get resolved immediately as well.

Because of this entire incident, I will never, ever purchase or lease another Nissan in my lifetime. And, I will ensure everyone else I speak to regarding purchasing or leasing a vehicle knows this as well.

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Kennesaw, Georgia, United States #646361

To the pissed Nissan ex customer, I feel you. If a person who was not there can judge what happened he must have Psychic powers, or be an employee is what it sounds like.

How did he know you were a woman, you never mentioned that in your original post. I have been to that dealership, and many of the sales people lack the grasp of the English language. Another thing, How did you end up in a new Camry if your credit was that bad.

This guy is the one with the BS. I was also very unsatisfied with the sale personnel at the same dealership

to phil c Kennesaw, Georgia, United States #646364

Also, Anyone who has your personal info can run a credit check, especially a car dealership who already has that info. This guy needs to get his facts straight

to phil c Kennesaw, Georgia, United States #646367

How does a dealership loose a car and the paper work anyway?

Tucker, Georgia, United States #646359

Grad school for a GED - interesting concept - you must have graduated from there as well. If you read carefully, my genius friend, you would read that I applied for a loan on another Altima - but they ran the credit on a Sentra - hence the signed paperwork.

Did it ever occur to - you that maybe my credit is bad due to economic conditions? Probably not, because you sound too narrow minded, as many country type folk in GA do - yeehaw. Why on Earth, I wonder, would you so adamantly defend a dealership? Must have a connection somewhere.

Oh, and by the way, the Camry is not a base car - just figured I'd throw that one in there. Was this response worth it - hmmmmm, probably not, but I sure had fun writing a retort.

Woodstock, Georgia, United States #640742

This Lady is full of PURE BS

A credit application can not be run without the person signing the credit form and providing proper ID. A sales rep can not run a credit report or submit a application.

Lady, if you only qualify for a base, bare bones Sentra... your credit can not get any worse, I have bought several vehicles from the Dealer you trashed and have always gotten a great deal and treated like family... All we hear is "your" side, Nissan and not the dealer may have made a mistake and you should know better yet you say you are in

"Grad School" for what a G.E.D ?

Good Luck with your old used Camry and why not tell us if it is a base car?!?!?!? hhhmmmmm????

to Track Note Kennesaw, Georgia, United States #646370

What happened to no personal attacks? I guess you must know someone

to Track Note Kennesaw, Georgia, United States #646373

Dude your a ***

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