Orlando, Florida

Went to get in my truck on Easter morning to find the overhead console on my 2007 Nissan Titan had fallen off. That's right , it fell off!

The screw points on the part all failed and it fell off. When I bought the vehicle at Hill Nissan they sold me on a "like new" warranty because the vehicle was under 40,000 miles. They told me it is "bumper to bumper" and covers everything! They said it is like no other warranty out there and Nissan just came up with it.

It is a Gold Preferred Plus Warranty. Since then I had an issue with a tire that it didn't cover and now the *** console falls off and they call it "trim". That's like your dashboard falling off! Nissan doesn't stand by their product and the interior is all cheap plastic.

Now I have to find one in a junk yard or something. I hope! I or anyone else in my family, plus all my friends, will ever buy a Nissan again. Also, the regional rep assigned to my case didn't return phone calls.

She told me she would call my local dealer to "assist" me in getting this taken care of. In another call I was told a supervisor would call me in 4-10 hours. I had to call them 4 days later. Shame on you Nissan!

*** product and *** customer service. I chose Nissan over Toyota when I made this purchase.

I chose badly. Never again Nissan!!

Monetary Loss: $1350.

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I had the same thing happen on my 2008 titan came out from work to find my roof console hanging by the wires all anchoring points failed .this is just one of many issues I've had with this truck . Replaced rearend at 32000 miles warranty would not cover .power seats quit at 36000 miles power window motors started failing at 38000 since have replaced all four .

Front axle going out as we speak at a whopping 43000 miles their warranty isn't worth the paper they write it on . No more nissans here

Georgetown, Kentucky, United States #853585

My Titan is a 2008 with 82,000 miles. Mine did not completely fall of however if I leave it alone the next big bump will finish it.

It seems like the plastic just gives up. At all screw points, broke or cracked. The rest of the plastic, brittle. This was my 4th Nissan I have bought brand new.

This my second Titan. I have all preventive maintenance done by Nissan and other professionals. It seems that as it gets older stuff like this happens. I understand issues that is expected but this and a radio that likes to come and go as it pleases.

There won't be anymore Nissan's. Just traded my Altima for a Sonata. So far so good.

Now to find me a pickup. I'm afraid of what's gonna happen next!

Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, United States #657975

I have an 07 that did the same thing. part was priced at 1300 by the dealership but I found one on ebay for 250.

make sure and put some insulation between console and roof. No insulation plus Oklahoma heat= brittle plastic and broken console.

to bk Georgetown, Kentucky, United States #853587

Good idea.

Houston, Texas, United States #651469

My overhead console also fell off and broke into pieces. What did you end up doing to replace it?

Arlington, Texas, United States #644105

Sorry...I have an 08 and it fell off several times...the dealer has replaced it 3 times...now that its no longer under warranty...they expect me to pay 1500 for a new one...the problem I have is that its defective...wtf wants to pay that much money for something that did not do its job when it was given plenty of chances...and I baby my truck...no hotrodding, offroad...nothing. Nissan Titan's are junk!


buy KIA :) :) :)

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