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I purchased a new nissan sunny xv car on february 2013 and I noticed problems with the braking system in the form of loud coarse noises when applying the brakes and that was very early even before completing the first 1000 kilos.Later on there where squealing noises on applying the brakes and poor braking performances sometimes a longer than expected braking distance and a very very soft brake pedal that nearly drops to the floor especially when driving for longer distances.Brakes only work effectively at the last part of the brake pedal.I went to the Nissan service centers several times and called and they changed the brake master cylinder but still it was of no use and the problem was getting even worse.I called Nissan several times but they still did not help.I had only travelled about 7200 km with the car.I filed a complaint to the consumer protection agency and only then did Nissan company and service center pay attention to my complaint and decide to change all the components of the braking system.The report from the technical committee in the consumer protection agency confirmed there where several unresolved problems with the braking system.I will have to go and fix the faulty brake system again.For more than one year Nissan has given me the worst driving experience ,a new car with all these problems .

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Hello Can you please let me know if your issue is resolved. I have exactly similar issue as you mentioned and I am pushing Nissan to resolve the same. please reply me on

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