Trenton, New Jersey
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coolant was leaking in trans was recalled was 3000mi over had to pay 4500 for trans Nissan told me to drop dead your on your own did not offer not a dime what horrible co told all my face book friends(4000)not to go near this co. buy a Hynda just as good if not better they told me there was nothing they could do have been buying nissans since 1985 must have bought 6 trucks same dealership and a used truck i was loyal there were not they left me they shoud have offerd something its good biz and its the right thing too do

Monetary Loss: $4500.

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OMG. That is my same story.

3 weeks after warranty was out I had to replace the transmission! Nissan would not help me at all!!


both have head gasket issues and *** *** transmissions. and are ricer cars with *** can mufflers.

get a chevy or a ford.

Only nissan engine ive know to be worth a *** is the 4 cylinder 90s pickup that so slow it cant even get out of its own way in the end nissans and hondas are pizza delivery disposable kid ***. Very few honda engines are even worth owning.


September of 2012 we purchased a 2013 Nissan Altima. October 5, 2012 the car was damaged in a minor traffic accident.

As of November 30 2012 it has been in the shop awaiting repairs. As of this writing 60 days has passed. I have opened a case with Nissan USA, so far they refuse to supply the part required to finish the job. I say refuse because they obviously have the parts or they could not build the car.This happens to be our second Nissan Altima we purchased a 2008 new and traded for 2013.

Why Nissan is so belligerent to its new car customers is astounding to me. Needless to say the relationship is destroyed


Had a huge fight over a fuel level sensor (long story but I FINALLY one). Nissan was terrible to deal with.

Because of potential of the well known problem with coolant leaking into the transmission and killing it, I decided to ditch the time bomb. Never again will I buy anything Nissan!


Check out my latest post "According to Nissan’s own warranty, Nissan should replace or refund my car" on I have a pdf copy of their own service warranty which states “If a defect exists within the warranty period, the warranty will not expire until the defect has been fixed.... If, after a reasonable number of attempts, the defect has not been fixed, the buyer may return this product for a replacement or a refund…”


My first & last Nissan after dealing with them on the radiator & transmission fluids mixing & being carless for what is now going on 2 wks. They know this problem exists, but refuse to recall the radiation system, instead they extend the warranty to mileage that is still below when these parts go & have basically told me to bad for you. In the meantime, I have a loan out on my vehicle, which is sitting in my garage needing almost $8,000 of repair & I have had to pay almost $300 in rental car fees & public transportation costs to get myself to work.

to Nissansucks #1055832

Same exact thing. I had to purchase a cooler for radiator and fix transmission. Nissan needs to recall.

Dehra Dun, Uttarakhand, India #313892

i would never buy a car from them agin theres not 1 thing good about nissan the the company the people who work there all pc's of ***


good ole pc067. thats the code for this issue.

listen guys the dealership isnt gonna fix it till its broken or at least out of warranty. warranty rates are nowhere near what you get charged so if they can the dealers will get every dime they can out of you.


I am having the exact same problem with leaking radiator into transmission. reported to local dealer a year ago and they said there was no problem.

Now that warranty is out they want $6500 to replace radiator and transmission. Nissan and dealer doing everything they can to hide from responsibilty of problem.


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