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Ok! I'm so excited to tell about my latest conversation with Kalia Johannes, the "Executive Specialist for the Executive Offices" who's direct line is 615-725-7554. She was extremely qualified to be calling me back. (Yes..that was sarcasm)

She told me I could quote her on the following 3 statements regarding Nissan's outstanding customer service.

"Nissan does not authorize rental vehicles under their warranty except for in the event that you PURCHASE a vehicle service contract. Specific vehicle contracts do offer 5 days of rental."

"No rental compensation is offered for recalled product. It is not automatically included."

"No timeframes are set for repairs"

She was very insistent that this issue fell under Bertera Nissan of Auburn, MA. Stating that they just ordered the part for the car yesterday (5/14/14) when my car was delivered to them on Friday (5/9/14) However, when I asked if that was behavior Nissan condoned as a brand she stated that she would "follow up" with "Regional Management" but no exceptions would be made for rental compensation. So in other words...although this isn't a quote...she was very sure to tell me every time I misquoted her...Nissan doesn't really care.

I asked how this is good business. I just don't get it...Nissan put a bunch of cars on the market with faulty parts and I'm expected to pay the price. She tried to tell me they didn't do that. I don't get why they issued their Service Campaign? This is all very confusing.

I also asked if she could send me a written statement addressing my situation specifically and why they were taking the stance they were even though it was a problem due to a recalled item. She said....she would not do that.

I asked if they can send me a copy of my warranty so I can see exactly what it says...she said it would take her 5 hours to email me. 5 hours....5 hours to hit send? She seems very qualified for her job.

I want to be the "Executive Specialist to the Executive Offices" It gives me the freedom to threaten to hang up on someone who uses the phrase "Why don't you give a ***?" because it is unprofessional apparently. Don't worry though Nissan I apologized and didn't use any more offensive language after that. I learned my lesson. She really did teach me!

Do the right thing Nissan. Do the right thing!

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • recalled parts
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This sounds just like my call with corporate the other day. Except I had a sexist pig call back from the executive office.

He insisted on talking down to me about everything and stated the same facts over and over again. I recently visited my Nissan dealership gave a bad survey and was threatened to be refused as a customer if I ever even thought of doing another by a manager there. Corporate didn't seem phased by this and explained each dealership is independently owned. I guess that gives them the right to threaten me?

After I bought a new car, extended warranty and maintainece plan that can only be used at that dealership!!

I have had issues with my 2012 from day 1 and they have never resolved them. I can't wait to sell this car and be free from all this unneeded stress!


We bought a new Nissan 5 months ago. Our Nissan experience so far makes me wish I bought a 1979 pinto instead.

What a horrible car and even worse service behind it. Nissan needs to recall all the sentras for rusted trunks now!


Then you spent more to have a "Premium Review" for a petty unwinnable fight. Sucker.

to Anonymous #815892

I don't know who you are...but even if I don't win....I want it out there. If I can talk 10 people out of buying nissans I've cost them over 200,000 bucks.

Which I think i can. So it was worth the 5.99....SUCKER.

to Anonymous Mount Laurel, New Jersey, United States #815917

Oh and by the way...i just won! SUCKER!

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