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I have filed complaints with the Mass Attorney General, Better Business Bureau, and NHTSA regarding the following matter.

Nissan has set forth a service campaign for putting people on the road in unsafe vehicles due to a faulty Timing Chain. If you the timing chain snaps while driving it will also blow your engine. Both of which happened to me. While they are covering the cost of the repair (simply because the car is under 60,000 miles not because they are selling poor product) They are refusing to offer full compensation for a rental vehicle while the car is repaired.

Furthermore the level of service has been sub par to say the least. The car has been at the dealer (Bertera Nissan of Auburn, Mass) for a week. They have been aware of the situation for over a week but it took me 48 hours just to get them to agree to fix the problem. I still do not know when my car will be repaired. I have been quoted 3 weeks to a month. That was the last quote I heard from Dennis in their service department. I have been lied to and put through the ringer over a situation that is clearly not my fault.

Nissan customer service has not been helpful either. They have told me my situation was going to be elevated and it was ignored. After I was put on hold for 50 minutes. When I called back a second time I then had to wait ANOTHER 2 business days to get the situation elevated. Here i was greeted by Cindy and Lesley both of which were absolutely not helpful. Lesley also told me she was the end of the line when it came to making decisions regarding customer complaints and that she was unwilling to help me. She also told me that Nissan didn't have way to contact their legal department. All of this is lies.

This is the way you treat your customers. This is the way you put product on the market. People should be weary of buying Nissans in the future. I have heard complaints now from XTerra owners, Murano Owners, and Flex Owners. It's not just the Juke. It's the brand.

Please speak up against Nissan.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Repair.

Monetary Loss: $2000.

  • Juke
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Same thing happened to me, but they wouldn't even cover anything! They wanted me to pay over $9,000 for a new engine in my 2011 Juke that only had 28,000 miles on it.

I told them they were crazy and I traded that piece of *** in. I joined the Class Action Lawsuit.

You should do the same!


Shame on Nissan for treating customers this way! Not getting customer loyalty this way! I hope that this person calls the local news station on this dealership, I know I would!

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