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if you are feeling a vibration while accelerating up to 40 mph this is not normal. the dealer will tell you that cant duplicate it and this is normal.

its a flat out lie to you. take a look at . according to Nissan North America this is normal but one Nissan dealer says its a binding axle shaft another says it a bad center bearing. Nissan called these dealers and told them not to repair or inspect my rouge because i filed a better business bearue complaint.

if you feel a vibration demand they put it up on a hoist and let it run in drive at idle.

make sure you see them inspect it like this. if it does, file a complaint with your attorney general and NHTS and hire a lawyer

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Repair.

Monetary Loss: $30.

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slowly test drive with the hood up and have a spotter witness any engine movement. when your car is on the rack your suspension is unloaded and your cv joints are at extreme angles.

that knocking is your axle trying to rotate on a locked axis, it can't so the shaft is forced to push out, straightening the axle just enough for it to rotate.

CV joints have 3 axial points where lockup can occur, that's why you see the thump-thump-thump for every 1 rotation. this is normal with all CUVs as they have a much longer suspension travel compared to a sedan or coupe

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I found the vibration on this 09 rogue to be the u-joint on the rear drive shaft. The u-joints are peened into the drive shaft, so it needs to be taken to a drive shaft shop or replace the drive shaft as a unit.


Sound like balance problem, this fix is cheap.Good luck.

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