Gainesville, Florida

Beware when buying Nissan. They have many hidden consumer costs when it comes to repairs.

Parts are outrageous and they will try to convince you that in order to replace one small thing you must buy a lot more. Examples, front electrical plug not working. Gainesville, FL Nissan insisted that the dash came as one big part and the whole dash had to be replaced jsut to fix the front plug outlet. However, when insisted it was still under warranty, suddenly they became aware that just the plug could be replaced.

The back seat small plastic cupholder insert broke. Insisted that the whole cupholder insert would have to be replaced and no the small plastic peice inside. All over the net, consumers complain about the visors breaking. It costs over $200 to replace if you fix it yourself, more if they do it.

I have a Nissan Murano, the sensor keys constantly fail and the batteries are ridiculously hard to replace. If the sensor fails, it costs $124 for the new key and then $95 dollars for them to do a 2 minute reprogram. Belts constantly need to be replaced and then always squeek. They gauged consumers charging over $400 to replace a belt.

The government got involved and Nissan was made to refund some dollars. An incredibly bad company to deal with. Cosmetic things constantly breaking on their cars and costing absorbitant amounts for parts.

Try a different brand. Will never buy another Nissan.

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automotive manufacturers purposely design in these problems. now they might like to say the regulations cause this or that, but really based on what i've seen over the years the designs are purposeful to elicit a certain response.

for instance, cosmetic stuff going wrong that will annoy you at a certain point in your ownership so that you will begin thinking of getting a new car because the parts are so outrageous, or how can we make oil changing as difficult as possible for the consumer, and the upside is oil changing businesses have to buy special tools or whatever to deal with it. so for many people, they get mad and what not, but that's the intent of the design and it's working.

the idea is to get you to part with your money as often as possible. that's why this country can't last - this stupidity is so pervasive in the economy that the economy is winding down.


Your new Nissan has more problems than my '91 Nissan lol. I guess all these car companies are putting out bad products today.

And it's not just Nissan. Read around and you will see how many car companies are putting this *** out.

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