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Nissan does not care about you. E-mail me at

My name is Robert and I bought a brand new 2013 Nissan Pathfinder Platinum in November 2012. As soon as I bought it, weird noises like a crunchy sound came from the CVT (transmission) and the Nissan dealer service department said it was nothing. It did it more, and sometimes louder than others and always made a jerking noise. Just thought I would have to live with it. I had the car about 9 months when I drove it to Ohio to see my family and my brother looked at the car and told me I had paint peeling off the car. I got back to Memphis, Tennessee where I live and went to Jim Keras Nissan about the paint. They said they would have to replace the whole back bumper with a brand new one and paint it. Between the bad noise in the CVT (transmission) and the paint peeling I decided to trade the car in for a 2014 Nissan Pathfinder, but this time not only did I buy the Platinum, but I bought the Platinum Premium. I took a huge loss trading the 2013 for the 2014. I didn’t even get a fair price on the 2013, but didn’t care, as long as I got rid of that headache.

Now I am driving the 2014 Pathfinder and guess what? Not only does the CVT (transmission) do the same thing, but Nissan said it has to be replaced with a brand new CVT (transmission). On November 25th 2013, I dropped the 2014 Pathfinder off at Jim Keras Nissan to get the CVT (transmission) replaced. I left it there for the week I am in Florida ad will pick it up after I get back.

I called Nissan Corporate and complained about 10 days before I left it at the dealer that I did not want this car anymore. I didn’t ask Nissan to buy it back. I just asked them replace it equity for equity for a new Pathfinder since they apparently have the problem fixed on all the new ones coming off the assembly line. At least that was what I was told. The representative at Nissan told me it would take 10 days to get an answer and she called me today, November 27th 2013 and told me Nissan would not do anything, but for my problems they would make one of my car payments. Whoopee, the multibillion company Nissan wants to give me one car payment of $559 because they sold me a bad Pathfinder with a bad CVT (transmission). I lost it and I was furious. Nissan knew they were putting faulty CVT (transmissions) in the Pathfinders and that a small percentage of them would go bad.

I have done a lot of research and been in contact with 38 Nissan Pathfinder customers that have had CVT problems and the list will be a lot longer when I am done, and I will not quit until I get satisfaction.

I am going to write blogs nonstop about what Nissan did to me. I will do two a day. I am writing and calling and writing every single news media for TV, radio, and newspaper I can find in the United States until I get someone to investigate what Nissan did to me. I promise you, I will write so much all over the internet over the next few months, that when people do a search engine in Google, Yahoo and Bing, the first two pages will be about what they did to me. This will be on You Tube very soon.

I am going to find as many people as I can possibly find on the internet that have had the same problem (38 so far and growing) and when I reach about 100 people see if they want to file a class action law suit against Nissan.

I am going to have magnetic signs made and put them all over my car, so people will read these signs going the road and people will see the Pathfinder in parking lots and everyone will know not to buy one.

I am also going to have thousands, and yes I mean thousands of fliers printed up and put on carts and mailed and passed out letting everyone know how I was treated by Nissan and how I got shafted.

Nissan, you made the wrong person mad, and if you feel like going after me in a court of law for telling the truth to get me to shut up, then go for it, because I will not go away.

Please everyone who has had problems contact me at and e-mail me your contact information.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $45000.

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I just bought a 2015 nissan pathfinder after driving it for 3 days at 400 miles on it. It started shuddering we took it back to nissan dealership.

They told us it needed new ttansmission! 2 weeks later we picked up the car same thing it has a intermitten shuddering!

We called consumer affair they said wait 10 days for the decision! Hopefully they buy back this car or elservice we gonna consult an attorney for lemon law!


Hi, just started noticing the shudder on my 2013 Pathfinder. It happens around 20MPH when I am accelerating.

I am interested to know what Nissan did to address this issue with your Pathfinder. Appreciate your feedback.

Woodstock, Illinois, United States #935637

Test drove 2013 platinum overnight. Was ready yo purchase it until i drove it back to dealership.

Started jerking and hesitating when stepping on gas pedal. Told the dealership i was walking away from deal and they just brushed it off their shoulders and said it was on the way to their wholesalers anyway.

Lantana, Florida, United States #836263

I think we should all make like a print out to put on the pathfinder with yellow and a lemon with a happy face and write big lemon!!!when we go to get them fixt( every adder day) the Nissan dealer to see we advertising for them I think I will and I wanna see there happy faces then!!!

Lantana, Florida, United States #836260

I have the same problem and they change everything from cvt converter and all adder parts and the car still not shifts like it should, but I don't understand why are they looking to make a bad name for a car who was in the past bullet proof ! I want in for a lawsuit my car spends more time at the shop then in my driveway! I got rid of one trash made by Ford to buy a thrash can from Nissan

Houma, Louisiana, United States #822016

Oh AND I have paint coming off back bumper!!! Two weeks after having it!!

They said they can't warranty paint. Something hit it

Houma, Louisiana, United States #822015

I just got a 2014 Nissan pathfinder. After just a few days I noticed a delay sometimes in taking off, like getting stuck in gear, and this loud noise when the car is idling down to stop.

My local dealer said the noise is "normal" for this car and that it's the transmission! I said "normal for what?! A jet??" It sounds like a jet engine turning down upon landing.

It's insane!! I wish I had heard it when test driving!!!


Thanks fir the post. I have a '14 Pathfinder with the same transmission issue.

They keep telling me they can not replicate this.

Today I picked it up from the dealer and paint was peeled off the bumper when they washed it. Very unhappy!!


Forget it!!!! I am just going to buy a new Rogue 14'.

I wanted the Pathfinder, but I am not willing to risk it all.

to Moon #786802

So why risk it on a Rogue......Nissan trade in values are horrible but the Honda hold the value very well

Greensboro, North Carolina, United States #783133

Will be emailing you. Just bought a 2014....after one week....

Cvt jerking me and my kids out of our seats...... This is close to being criminal.... Specialist is at dealer today as I have been driving a loaner piece of junk all week. Traded my loaded 2012 Pathfinder in on this Hu k of junk.

Never had one issue with my old one.... Just want it back now. Can't wait to here their resolution.....



Sounds like you need a hug

to Shawnbo #786803

Shawnbo, sounds like you need a life

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