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I bought a Nissan pathfinder with an extended warranty. My engine needs to be replaced per the dealer due to sludge.

I have records on this vehicle for the two years I have owned it. My claim was submitted two months ago, I was passed through over 8 agents in two months to handle this case. The customer service was horrible. I was told that my claim has been denied due to sludge and them not being able to determine when the sludge built up.

Since I have records for the past two years they can not guarantee the condition on the vehicle when I bought it, even though they were the ones who sold it to me. I was told by regional office that this is a risk the buyer takes with buying a used vehicle.

I bought from a dealer AND an extended warranty. All in all, Nissan refuses to honor the warranty and my truck is still is sitting unrepaired.

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I have the same problem with a 2012 Altama. Nissan has refused warranty work.

Don't buy Nissans! If you look on the net and see how many people are having issues with warranty claims, you should consider another brand.


Nissan extended warranty was a total waste of money! Dealership convinced me that it covers everything and I would be worry free through 100k...needless to say I haven't had my Nissan Murano for even a year yet and the "service engine soon" light comes on.

I take it to Nissan in Mt. Kisco, NY where I live and they determine it is a "faulty gas cap" and of course claim that is not covered under the warranty. The end result- a "faulty gas cap" cost me $156.69!! I called the dealership where I purchased the car and they said they wouldn't have charged me if I had taken it there (they are a 45 min drive from my home).

How is it that the warranty varies from one Nissan dealership to another?? I called Nissan corporate and they stated they would reimburse me if need be through some "good faith" clause but it would take a few days. They called back the next day and said my claim for reimbursement was DENIED. I am so disgusted with Nissan at this point.

I plan to cancel the extended warranty and get the unused amount of money back-although technically I haven't used ANY of it since they always find a way to say it's not covered.

For those of you who may not know-you can cancel the extended warranty since it is absolutely useless. *** Nissan at this point.


We purchased a brand new Nissan Versa and now the sunroof is leaking. The water is pouring in and is now trapped between the interior and exterior of the car.

Nissan said this is caused by a non Nissan wind guard that was added onto the car by the dealer before we purchased it. They say they are not liable for what the dealer did and somehow we should have known that this little piece of plastic was not a Nissan part. We are facing electrical issues and various other problems similar to a flooded car.

They won't take any responsibility for the vehicle and we are stuck with a car that will be flooded soon. The manager said we must have asked for it.


Took my 05 xterra in for a recall issue as well as an extended warrenty issue. Front crash sensor can cause the airbag warning light to flash on the dash.

They will cover it if thats the problem. However, to detect the problem, they have to run a diagnostic test. If the problem is elsewhere, I have to pay for the test. regardless if I have the repair done or not.

They will not test the vehicle to see if it is a warrenty issue unless I agree to.pay for a diagnostic test for a warrenty issue????? Horrible

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