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I started the car and smoke came out of the console then flames. I had the car towed to Staten Island nissan.

After three days they told me to call my insurance co. I asked them what caused the fire and they don't know and it would cost 500.00 to find out. My insurance adjuster told nissan to proceed. Then I find out they sent the car to a local body shop without notifying me.

After two weeks nissan got the ok to do the repair. The wiring above the trans.went on fire, but still no reason why. And they don't care. The cost is 4300.00 to repair.

It's now three weeks I called the service dept and one person tells me the car is repaired, so I asked to speak to manager. He didn't know if work was done or where the car was. So I went in person spoke to the manager after a few phone calls he tells me that the part needed will come in four weeks. Nissan is taking NO responsibitly for faulty wiring because the warranty is up.

Car has 34000 miles. I asked for a loner car and was refused. Staten Island nissan is the most unprofessional people I ever had to deal with.

So now it will cost me thousands and no car for two months. I will never buy a nissan again and pass this on all the people I can.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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Nissan better change the tone of their commersials - the new one where idiots are driving the cars off a moving truck onto a crowded freeway does nothing but give other idiots ideas and as a result gets people killed! This is nothing new - nissan does this all the time with no regard for human life or safety. I can't see why anyone would by the peices of junk anyway - buy american all the way and save the american way - and ives!

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