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I really need support from your team. I bought Nissan Grand Livina (1.6 Auto) on year 2010 Nov and still under warranty under mid of this November.

But throughout the 2 years plus I have few issues on this car and I really disappointed why Nissan car quality so bad and it is almost same with local car.

Since the day I get car until today I have about 7 items make angry and lost the confidence with Nissan and 3 things still pending.

1. When the first day when I received the car, auto door close doesn’t function – technical need to investigate to resolve the issue

2. Front suspension sound – technical need to insert rubber in between

3. Driver seat having sound – technical need to put in something to remove the sound

4. After 2 years, part of the front mirror component crack, I ask technical they told me sorry you need buy new item cannot warranty, what? Why the quality so bad and this mirror together with the mirror how can I so easier crack and so how is inside part not external part. I make a complaint to Malaysia customer service, they asked the same service center to contact me. What they can do, they just told me sorry they can’t do much and they only can give 10 or 15% discount. Very sad.

How can Nissan part so low quality and easier spoiled and the cost to replace is so expensive if compare with other car like Toyota.

5. After my car 35000KM service on the brake, when I pass on the brake it came out with some noise but after discuss with technical guy he told me it is normal because it was due to brake pad material contain some iron so when it used to low it will come out with such noice. I really cannot accept why Nissan can provide such brake pad with noise. I asked for warranty they told me sorry brake pad cannot warranty. Before the service I don’t have such noise but now yes, who need to responsible? – pending

6. Car having crack sound when tuning on corner or moving after stop at traffic – pending, technical still not able to hear the sound come from. I recorded the noise by the recorder and provided to the technical to listen but they said they need to listen personally because they can’t find out the issue by only listen to the noise. The reason is the noise is come and go and it is not happen everytime. ?

Until today, I still waiting for the service center to loan a car for me so they can take my car for more than a day to investigate where the noise from.

7. Driver seat having sound – pending

My car warranty will end mid November 2013, if service center still not able to solve my issue which I reported for months, how?

8. Black oil leaking – pending to repair, wait for the next service

My car warranty will end mid November 2013, if service center still not able to solve my issue which I reported for months, how?

I want my car to be REPAIR………

Car register number: JMN 9954

Location: Malaysia

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Sentul, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia #810202

I also have same problem like you but they still give me warranty claim. I shoot to Japan

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