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Received a letter from Nissan saying our GPS needed an update for $100 and to call and get an activation code. Made an "appointment" and went to the dealer only to be told they didn't know anything about an update.

They asked us to come back the next day because it is not on a disk, it is on the internet?? The next day, dealer said activation code was only good for 3 days. Called Nissan, put on hold and spoke to a foreigner who gave what turned out to be a bad code. Called Nissan again, got a new code and the GPS was alledgedly updated (seems the same to me).

After 2 days and a total of 4 hours, the delaer felt bad and only charged us $90 (would have been $125).

You can buy a new GPS with lifetime updates for less. What a scam!!!

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I have a 2014 Altima with built in GPS (Ghastly Poor System)

The maps don't show roads that have been around for years.

Routing is extremely convoluted sometimes taking you away from or past your destination before zeroing in on the final few meters. The system doesn't seem to know that the best route is on through streets and more often than not, zig zags through weird side routes definitely not the most direct route.

Driving on a divided throughway I have had it try and route off to a service road then back on because that is what the routing algorithm figures is the best.

Don't waste your money! Get a $150 windshield mount unit.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #838723

My nissan GPS sucks cpprap.

I only use my phone. I might get a secondary GPS to install.

The current one is sooo bad I would not pay for an update.

I would expect free updates.... But I wouldnt pay for one because I would rather use the money for a better GPS.


Why would you want to get an update. I have a 2013 Nissan Rogue and the navigation system is total ***. I would not spend ten cents on an update.


Nissan's policy is so *** - what a way to turn off their customer base. Last Nissan for me


by a garmin for $115.00 and you get free updates for life. Better system. What a ripoff.


I agree!! I have a 2011 and already needs a update. I was told by the Dealer that the flash card would be $89 and that it has to be programmed and will take 4 hrs or more. I thinks this is a scam! "programmed" Right. I bet all that needs to be done is to change the card out.

How disappointing!!!

So far my ENTIRE experience with Nissan has been mis-leading. When I purchased the car, they had mentioned that a new card will be mailed to me.

Never again!!!!!!

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