2001 Xterra had a recall for a part of the fuel sending unit that could crack the molding on the unit....Well..the molding on the fuel sending unit did crack and atleast a gallon of gas leaked onto the parking lot at the grocery store. My car was so full of gas fumes when I opened the car door.

I am lucky that a spark did not ignite the fumes. I contacted Nissan and they will not fix the problem for me even though it was part of a recall. They say that the recall has already been done on my vehicle so there for it is no longer their responsibility. They installed a faulty part in my vehicle that could of caused much damage to me or anyone around me.

I will never buy a Nissan again. Warning for anyone who owns a Nissan Xterra....DONT PUT A CHILD SEAT BEHIND THE PASSENGER SIDE BACK SEAT!!! The gas tank sits right below the seat and that's where the leak occurs.

There is only a small metal plate between your child and an explosion.

Review about: Nissan Car.

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