My 2007 xterra has a faulty fuel sending unit plug that has started to melt, which can cause a fire to start in my gas tank or cause my car to break down. This is not a wear and tear item, it is a manufacturer's defect.

Because it was not a recalled part, nissan says I'm fully responsible. Makes me sick to my stomach that they will not take responsibility for this. I can't afford to repair it, so hopefully my car won't catch fire while I'm driving it. Nissan corporate office employees…you are heartless and only care about the bottom line…not the safety and well being of your customers.

I will never buy nissan again just for the terrible customer service and the wretched disregard for their customer's safety.

Shame on you! epayson@gmail.com

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:cry :cry :cry I forgot all cars should have a life time warrenty the car is 6 years old and most likly has high miles get over it also you may not care about your safety and well being since your still driving it GET A LIFE OR HOBBY THIS IS FOR PEOPLE WHO LOST MONEY TO REAL WARRENTY ISSUES YOU WILL NOT ME MISSED :cry :cry :cry


engine and transmission is warrantied for 60000 miles. if you wanted a 100000 mile warranty on engine you should have bought a gm chrysler or kia.


Fuel sending unit plugs are supposed to last for 150,000 miles, it is frustrating when a part does not last as long as it should. I had the same problem with my Xterra.

The quality of Nissan products, and their customer service has gone down drastically over the years. I will never purchase another one of their cars either.

BTW ALQ... this sight is called pissedconsumer.com, if someone is such a loser that they are looking at complaints that people post only to negatively comment on them...you need to get a life, cheese ***!Hp


Car is 6 years old!. Yo expect a forever guarantee. Do not be so ceap and get it fixed if it bothers you, and get a life!!!!!!!!!!!!

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