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I have a 2004 Nissan Titan, purchased new, and have had alot of problems with the brakes. The dealer where I purchased made the repairs in the beginning, but I have since moved and decided to use another dealer.

I took the truck in to them about 2 weeks ago over the brakes and was told it is not covered under warranty, just go home and put new brakes on it, that is the problem. Well, while attempting to do so, discovered my brake calipers are cracked, which is covered under warranty. But Nissan is refusing to fix, stating "Whoever changed the brakes last, broke the calipers, whether it is you or the other dealer, let them fix it".

They also stated that I needed to get the vehicle from them, even though it is unsafe to drive.

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Centralia, Washington, United States #55595

I am sorry to hear your problems, the 2004 Nissan Titan has experienced several different "fixes" for a brake shudder complaint. The brakes on your truck have been known to have several problems and Nissan has released several different ways to fix them and to date has had very little luck.

Do some searching on the internet for the Titan brake shudder technical service bulletin.

Once you have that in hand you may be able to leverage your local dealer a little better. If all else fails contact Nissan North America and advise them of your concern about the safety of your vehicle.

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