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We have a 2007 Frontier that began making a shuddering noise while we were on vacation. Took the truck to a mechanic who thought it was from the rearend and put a new one in, first mistake, shuddering continued.

Called the Nissan dealer in town and were told what to look for, oily coating in radiator overflow, which would mean that the radiator fluid was leaking into the transmission. Sure enough that was it, my husband was told to drive the truck to the dealership and it would be covered under the warrenty, which at the time was up at 80,000 miles. Driving to the dealership put the truck at 80,019 miles. Nissan said tough luck, out of warranty, out of our pocket, $6500.

After arguing for days with, they knocked it down to $3500 and the dealer another $1,000. Buyer beware!

Monetary Loss: $6500.

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Similar problem (radiator leaking into the transmission) with 2005 Frontier. While at 130,000 it is a problem Nissan is aware of but doesn't bother to notify their owners of Frontiers that the problem exists.

I also have another concern about the fuel sensor malfunctioning with no notification. Warranty was up before I became aware of the these major mechanical issues.


Contact the Nissan zone rep or even higher. They should make an exception, even tho it isn't really one, given the circumstances.

Don't just take the dealer's word he cannot do any more. He needs to get authorization from the company.

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