We have owned a total eight (8) Nissan's in our married life, we have bought other types of cars but always came back to Nissan, "NO MORE".

We have a 2005 Nissan Maran, with 100,000 miles. The front seat rear left bracket broke.

After I inspected the bracket I noticed how cheaply made it was. The nissan dealer told use to fix it, the cost would be around $1,400.00 and not to drive it with the bracket broken because it was not safe.

We went on a complaint blog about the Nissan Marano seat bracket and found others have had the same problem. First of all if it is a safty issue both Nissan and the USA fare trade commision should mandate a recall.

We will find a way to get our seat fixed but Nissan has "LOST A CUSTUMER"

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I was driving my 05 Murano and noticed the seat started shaking w/o cause. My husband check it out and also found that the lrft front seat was broken.

The dealership in B.R. LA told me that they hadn't heard of any other problems with others' seats breaking. They said they'd check it out, but had to first charge me over $100 just to say if the problem was covered. They finally said that in all liklihood, it was not.

I have since heard that the problem has occurred with thousands of 05 Muranos. Agree, there should be a recall.

Sanger, Texas, United States #264046

I had the same problem i have 06 murano.but thank good it was covered under my warranty. and yes it is a safety hazard.and im still having problem with the car.

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