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Do not buy a car at Nissan 112 in Patchogue, NY. The crooks quoted a price of $10,295 to my mom 13 days ago (used 2007 Nissan Versa, still listed on the website right this minute for $11,275).

When she reviewed the paperwork, she realized they charged her an additional $2700 or $12,975 for the car. A friend went and tried to get her money back, but they said too bad, she signed and took the car.

Like, "ha ha, we fooled her." Who is next??? I cannot believe anyone would take advantage of a little old lady as they have.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $2700.

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Coram, New York, United States #792936

Worst transaction with anything I've ever dealt with. Salesperson lied about the final lease payment amount and told me not to bat an eye about excess mileage and damage.

A month later I receive a lease statement of $40 more per month than agreed upon then received over $700+ bill for excess mileage/wear and tear. They lied and told me they sent $3K for settlement with Nissan for my returned lease. What do you know, 3 months later Nissan contacts me to collect $700+.

Avoid Nissan 112 and if you're *** enough to go in there you deserve the terrible treatment. So, if you're looking to be lied to go directly in and ask for Eric Wahlrab, he'll take care of the rest.


I have been buying Nissans from this dealership for the past 15 years. I have always see Chris Kunzler and my experience is always fantastic.

I feel bad to read such negative reviews since there are many honest sales people there like Chris.

Do not judge this place on the few bad instances you read here. If you look at how may vehicles are sold there over the course of the year and look at the few bad reviews it is shows that those that are unhappy yell loudest compared to those that are happy.

to JSalidino Bellport, New York, United States #789499

Did u see the news.they did it again. Now the FBI and da are investigating.


the law enforcement slould do something about this people at nissan 112 .this kind of people is what caused the housing problems .this is insane


HACE APROXIMADAMENTE 2 Años quize comprear un auto en el dealer de la 112 en patchoque NY ,cuando fui un vendedor llamado jay me atendio, me pidio por adelantado en cash para asegurar el carro $2,000 insistio tanto que se los entregue, despues de tanto ir i venir por que segun decia el carro tenia algun problema, me hizo enojar,al cabo de dos semanas, averigue que el nunca habia reportado el down payment que di, el se lo habia gastado, dure casi dos meses para cobrar ese dinero, no se por que tienen esa clase de vendedores tramposos en ese Dealer, que verguenza que roben a su misma comunidad hispana, jamas lo recomendaria a nadie.


Consumers also have a responsibility to pay attention to the details and read before signing anything. In the last two years my family has bought two cars from Nissan 112 and have been very satisfied with the cars and the service dept. I'm not saying stuff doesn't happen, its a car dealership.


Even if you are browsing, stay away from these imbeciles. They convinced me they would not share my contact information and already my email is flooded with SPAM. Thanks for lying to me Gwen Ziccardi!


Yep they are *** alright . Took me for a ride on 2007 Altima with 40 k miles.

Charged me 18,900. After taxes and warranty 23k and change. Said I could refinance the car after 6 months of ontime payments because my credit was shaky. My bank laughed at me.

@ years later I owe 17k on the caer and its worth 11k. Crooks!!!!

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