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Same issue as all stated below...started with a knocking noise in rear of truck and lead to vibrations hard shifting/banging slipping of the transmission. Called Nissan was told not under warranty and have continued to drive the truck daily it becomes worse...I finally made an appointment took it to the dealer and all the research Ive read became my issue to.

They confirmed with out driving that the radiator was cracked and leaking into the tranny. After a quote ok 6K and arguing with the service manager that its ridiculous that they are "recalling" only extended warranty vehicals for this issue I left with intentions to get home and call corporate. I made it 5 mins away and the truck broke down completly smoke pouring from the hood and smelling horrible...DONE...I have filed a complaint and am awaiting a response.

I find it hard to believe they recall some what nissan calls "batches" not all the models. www.nissanextendedwarranty.com

Monetary Loss: $17.

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Just had thhe same issue at 90,000 miles on my 2005 Xterra. I spent an hour on the phone with Nissan.

They said they wouldn't reimburse my $5000 for a new transmission and radiator due to ts design flaw because it's outside of the extended warranty (85,000 miles). Then they said MAYBE they would if i had it repaired at the Nissan dealer rather than an independent. I offered to take it to my local Nissan dealer for repair since my transmission is still on ordeer, as long as they could confirm they'll pay for it before I spend the extra money to have the dealer repair. They said they could only make that decision after the repair was done.

They couldn't give me a good reason for this, since they already have all the information now.

I will be contacting my attorney general. Completely unreasonable.


I have the same problem exceeded the extended warranty and Nissan will not help. Notifying its consumers ahead of time would have been a great idea. I wonder how long they have known about the faulty radiator.


Nissan should have notified customers of their faulty radiators early on and saved consumers from loosing their transmissions too. This also happend to me.

It makes me so angry that they never notified me via warranty extension of the radiator. When I found out about the extended warranty by searching the web, I exceeded the 80k miles extended warranty. Nissan demands that I pay the $6500 to replace the transmission and the defective radiator - talk about salt in the wounds.

Tell everyone to avoid Nissan altogether since their Quality has gone downhill just like Toyota. I parked my car with a sign that says "Lemon - defective radiators kill my transmission - Nissan will not take responsibility - Class Action suit in the works."


I just received a notice today that my warranty on this issue for my Pathfinder has been extended from 36mos/36000miles to 96mos/80000miles. 1DEC2010.

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