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Iam Brgedor General Yasir Ahmed Ibrahim ,Proffessor and Head Of Cardiology ,Sudan Heart Center.Khartoum ,Sudan

First my condolescence to all Japan for the latest earthquake victims and plse extend our support to the families of those affected.

In short afer a lot of on internet reviews i bought a brand new x-trail from nisan dealer in sudan in nov.2008

I follwed the regular maintainance advice by the book and the car with doing fine.

Just 2 month after the waranty expired (2 years ) the meter was showing 43000 kilometer i had the shock of my life,

20 kilometer on the road in a journey to deliver international lecture suddenly the heat meter went up , I stoped and i was puzzled what to do .

I cancelled the lecture.called a friend for advice.

Iwaited for the engine to cool down then opened the radiator ,there was no was no coolant lef though it was full when i started the trip. i filled the raiator with the coolant the was no obvious leak so i suspected the oil and changed it completely and started the journey back home .

the heat meter went up again this time ihad to stop and tow the car to th khartoum dealer.

They did not figure out what the problem and asked for permission to all the engine for heat damage and wanted me to deposit 9000 Dollars in expences.

i felt it is not right and tow the car for a big nisan work shop.

their diagnosis was *** in the radiator .

they dsmantle the engine and changed radiator, gaskets ,crankshaft ,and skimed the head for 3000 dollars.The car was OK for few days until i i was driviing another jouney for a lecure ,100 Km on the way i heard a noise of something burst,the heat meter was OK .i stoped ,the engine heat looked OK.iwaited for he car to cool down and again the new raditor was empty .i was pissed of and towed it all the way back to the same mechanic to ckeck.

the same diagnosis ,

Hole in the Radiator .I did not swllow it and made an internet search to discover the shocking truth about the manufacturing probblem of the thin x-trail radiator and the many siimilar complains.

this time the head ir self was changed ,compresion test no piston damaged ,compresion test cooling system OK. ican not not trust it any more and drive it out of town.

my anger was about how could the dealer did not know about this manufacturing problem resulting in costing me a fortune ,why he did not tell me the truth and why did nisan hide this serious issue

It is sad that an engine made by a big company like nisan fails at only 43000 kilometer ,

Is it fair that i pay all this cost and drive a hyundi accent for long journeys without any problem.

Is it possible that you Can help or i say ye bye to my money and my trust in Nisan

Wish you the Besi

Brgedor General Professor Yasir Ahmed

Head of Cardiology

Sudan Heart Inistitute Khartou,Sudan

Tel :00249-918100664

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

Monetary Loss: $32000.

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