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Bought a 2009 Nissan Rogue in August 2009. After two weeks started having Intelligent key problems(can't unlock doors,won't start)and other random problems.Took to dealer who said was repaired (not so still can't gert in won't start randomly).

Back to dealer who called in Nissan rep who worked on Rogue and told dealer what to replace. Still not fixed. Called nissan who sent another specialist who worked on car. Not fixed again.Called Nissan yet again, another rep worked on car and said was fixed.

Not only is it still not fixed, but now has other problems(fuel gauge) that the dealer has replaced the sensor on once already.

Hvae owned car for 6 months now and has over 16,000miles on it and it has been horrible to own since the second week. Asked Nissan to replace the car with a safe one or refund what we paid so we can buy a safe car. Nissan's response? Car is fixed has no problems.

But we still have trouble getting it to unlock and getting it to start.

Some of the other things that happen are the red key will come on while you are driving on the road(this means the car thinks it is being sloken and may shut down). The doors will not lock when you try to leave the car.The warning beeper will start beeping while you are waiting at a traffic light.

Anyway this car has been the worst car I have owned since a 1974 Vega I had back in 1974.I can not believe that Nissan doesn't care about the safety of one of thier customers.

Monetary Loss: $28.

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Sounds like the car is a lemon :( look into the Magnusson moss act on this one.


Nissan 2009 rogue in heat (or that serms to be the pattern anyway) will not accelerate past 3,000 RPMs. It will maintain speed but loses all power.

Flooring the car- nothing! Then all of a sudden, everything works normally. Took to dealer who said 'we've been hearing about the problem but don't have a solution... don't worry about it." I didn't worry too much b/c it hadn't posed a threat to my safety- until today.

I was at a 2 way stop crossing over a street when i lost power- nearly got T-boned. Nisssn 1800 number said no recalls are out and acted like e was completely unaware of the problem. If you are an owner having these issues, please call and complain before someone is killed. And NEVER BUY A NISSAN- THIS IS JUST THE LATEST IN A SERIES OF ISSUES.



I have a 2010 Nissan rogue that's been in the shop twice for not starting. They replaced the fuel pump and it worked for a week and today I was late to work because it won't start again.

Im not happy with the service at all! Two close friends bought Rouges because of mine and I wish they never had!!


sorry to hear your rouge is acting up. i own one, and have no complaints.

but i would like to tell you that the red key flashing does not mean the car thinks its being stolen, and will not shut down.

this just means the key cannot be read. if you have it too close to any electrical device, like a cell phone, it interupts the signal and will not work.


I think I got mine fixed! I took it back to the dealer about 3 weeks ago at 8am and let them keep it for a full day.

At 4:30pm the service writer called and said they can't get it to mess up, the remote always connects to the car and they don't know what to do, it's not setting off any codes or lights or anything. Thought I had told them that on numerous occasions. Sooo I got my brain working and got mad and told him that it's got to be a hard wire connection, if it's not making a connection there is no way it could possibly set of any codes or lights, that would be impossible, and I told him that someone needs to go into the guts of the car and check the connections, quit being geeks and be who they're supposed to be...mechanics before I shove this car up someone's ***! He said his yes ma'am's and we hung up.

It hasn't had a problem since. The gas gauge reads correctly, the remote connects to the car every time I drive it without any hesitation, and the transmission works perfectly.

They say they didn't do anything but I think they did. They didn't charge me one cent.


My 2008 Rogue is at dealer for minor repair. They call and let me know that car won't start...

At all. They blame install of after market running lights 3 years ago. I'm suspicious.

Car was fine other than sensor needing repair... Now my car won't start....


I have a 2008 Nissan Rogue SL AWD I bought in 2008, I have 82,000 miles and I'm having the same problems! I'm also having transmission problems, which are probably related computer problems. I just looked up online and there was a huge recall for the ignition module but didn't include anything newer than 2006, I'm wondering if it's all related, one computer can cause a ton of problems.


My friend has a 2008 Rogue and the same problems. She 's had it in to the dealer once and they seem to think that the problems related to the after market command start she had installed.

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