Mission Viejo, California

I took my '04 Murano into the dealer because the Bose CD player will not play or eject my CDs. Also, the driver's side sun visor will not stay up.

My warranty expired four months prior and Nissan wants $350 for the visor and $1,800 for a new stereo. I asked Nissan corporate to help me financially but I was told they are "unable to do so at this time". Are they broke? Will they do it at a later time?

My CDs are still stuck and the visor still hits me in the head. Thanks Nissan! I am going back to Toyota!

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I have a 2012 Murano and now the gps and stereo screen blacks out while driving.


I have the very same problem! Never buying a Nissan again.


My 2003 Murano radio is haunted. I just had engine replaced and all was fine except the battery would run down over-


One day I discovered the radio to turn on by itself.


wouldn't play, just turn on and off even when radio was in

use. After a diagnosis, I am left with the option to replace

with new stereo at $900.00, or get a used one for $400.00.

I'm going with the used one.


Both visors fall, it's a safety issue but no one at corporate cares, and the power supply on the stereo is famous for shorting out, kills the battery.


I own a 05 murano and my radio works but has no sound seems like some one knows whats wrong .Also once I drive off the road because my visor was made wrong whos at fault


my visor on my 2005 Nissan murano hits the head liner and stops it so you cant use it.also everything on my radio works but no sound.the visor is a big problem you have to use your hand to see poor design


My visors broke, Honda replaced my visors in my civic free!! Nissan can suck it. Also


Nissan BOSE AND CD radio are only meant to last 3yrs if that ours were changed twice under warranty and broke after the warranty was over.I got a better price for repair $1300. That's for taking out 4 yes 4 screws and taking out radio to be repaired or replaced again.

Called customer service still waiting three weeks for a reply. Totally disappointed with customer service especially with Julie at ext.457215.We have been waiting for her to re-contact us as she states she will. Just exemplifying my initial contact of poor service. It has been increasingly evident that Nissan will not most likely be our first choice for our next vehicle.

The incapability to resolve our issue in a timely fashion as I have stated very DISAPPOINTING ! PS the radio issue has been documented by several consumers with exactly the same complaint.


Same issues with 2006 Murano we purchased used.

Leather is ***, cracked and split. Had similar experience with our Pathfinder , but wife insisted on leather in the Murano.

Guess I was right went I told her it would wear out quick . Driver side visit flops down all the time. I made a support with a paper clip, I wedge under the plastic by front done light. It catches on edge of visit mirror to hold up.

Of course Nissan refused to replace or fix the vision without us paying close $400.

Told them to stick.

Now we drive Hondas . Screw Nissan, they suck.


The visors really suck! I have a 2006 Nissan Murano.

I had to change the drivers side visor when I bought the car in 2007 and it only had 30K miles on it. The warranty did cover the repair. Now my passenger visor is having the same problem. Nissan really needs to step up and issue a service alert to get them fixed.

What can we do to put pressure on Nissan? I am not sure if a complaint to the BBB would help.


Its very sad to know that nissan will not help with the visor issues. I too have the dropping visor problem on my 2007 purchased fully loaded 45 grand costing Murano.

In fact my last 4 cars have been nissan but not no more .

Moving on to better service. Oh did i mention that the so called leather interior is cracking like a piece of plastic all over.


My Murano works just fine. I had a Toyota but couldn"t get the cruise to work so I traded it.


I love.the looks of.the car but this kind of stuff never happened in my toyota! I have the same Visor problem. I think i ll just velcro it

Btw: from a Murani owner to another one...

the transmission goes down relatively early. Nissan has extended the waranty to 120K.

If you have a funny smell coming from your AC ... Lysol'ing the air system works like a charm. U can find the details online


I have a 2006 Nissan Murano. The driver side sunvisor use to fall down all the time now it wont go back up. I am also having issues with the cd player every cd including brand new ones sound FUZZY!!


I have a 2006 Nissan Murano with the same visor problem everyone else has. I contacted Nissan and they acted as if they had never had a complaint concerning the sunvisor.

I haven't had radio problems but am sick of the sunvisor. I have thought of removing it and just looking at the hole in the headliner.


*** this sht i just got a murano n the stereo dont work!!


My 2004 murano has 121,000 miles on it. The sound is clouded when it comes out of the Bose Speakers.

I am on my second set of visors. Why does something that breaks so easy cost so much to replace.

No other car manufacturer has visors that break. The interior of nissan products use cheap materials.


Update to Visor - Repaired myself using iron on Velco (JoAnn's Fabric).

Mark the roof wear edge of visor meets for alignment (small pencil). Ironed the fuzzy part of the velcro to the roof and the hook part to the visor. I did take the visor out for ease of ironing, it's removed by 2 screws under rod cover and disconnecting electric connector. Place a cloth between the velcro and iron when ironing to avoid melting the velcro. Also, make sure to empty the water from the iron before using upside down on the roof (yes, I learned this the hard way). You can get velcro in matching colors (close) to the interior. For me, it was beige to match the tan.

This didn't fix the visor for use, I'm not sure the velcro would hold for repeated pulling. We just wanted it to stop falling, and I couldn't stomach the $270 cheapest price I found for a new one.


Same issue on our 05 Murano. Wife loves her vehicle, but she's seriously condidering going back to Ford.

Also, Nissan badging fell off of vehicle. We take immaculate care of our cars, but it seems the fit and finish are not up to long term owner quality standards.


definitely a known safely hazzard that Nissan has never acknowledged. Have a 2006 Murano.

issue start before even hitting 40k miles on the vehicle.

Nissan also stated its not covered under their extended warranty. Shame on Nissan.

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