While driving home, without warning, my moon roof suddenly exploded.No warning, the noise was so loud that it deafened me for a few minutes.Glass was blown out of vechile, nothing fell into the vechile.

Car is brand new with only 3,000 miles. Nissian will not cover this under warranty saying that it was my fault. My concern is that this could have cause an accident. Does anyone know anyone who has had this problem?

This was on a 2011 Nissan Rogue.The incident happened on a cool day and they was no visable damage to the window prior to the explosion.My email address is Trooper5108@bllsouth.net

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The rear window of my 2005 Nisan Pathfinder did the same thing.I left the car in a rural parking lot and when I returned the window had shattered.

I know it was a problem with the glass or glass installation as all the glass pieces were outside the car.I had to pay for a new window.

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada #1276183

This just happened to me driving from Kelowna to Vancouver.No cars around me and nothing above and then BOOM!

Glass shatters and falls all around me and my passenger. Pretty scary.

Nissan Canada tell me that it is just something that can happen with glass and so it is not covered under warranty and there is no recall to address it.I find that unacceptable.

Baton Rouge, Louisiana, United States #1273721

This just happened to me yesterday and I am completely in shock.Nothing hit the window and there were no cars anywhere near me.

I have called Nissan with no answer so far. Insurance is willing to put it under my comprehensive deductible which is only 250.00 vs.

my collision deductible which is 500.00.This makes it a little better but I think Nissan should have to pay for this to be fixed being it seems to be an issue with the car not the way I was driving or anything hitting the window to shatter it.

Toronto, Ontario, Canada #1245330

yes my 2014 Nissan Altima just happened the same thing.


Same thing here.....my car was parked in driveway had been there for almost a week....

I got ready to drive it seen the crack and heard the pressure sound coming from the window as if it was going to blow..... I looked back at my security footage to see what happened and sure enough it just exploded... I'm currently waiting on Nissan to tell me what their going to do......

its been 3days now...and nothing.....has been raining a lot too soooooo we'll see.....

Stony Plain, Alberta, Canada #1108705

My front sunroof shattered on my 2015 rogue just sitting in my garage for no reason at all.I have owned it 5 months with 10000km on it.

The Nissan dealer in Edmonton will not cover it under any such warranty.

So I had to pay 1200.00 out of my pocket.I am one very passed out costumer.


I have a 2014 Nissan Altima SL.I was traveling on I65 on Friday, Jan 2016 when I heard a loud noise which sounded like a gunshot followed by the sound of air rushing out of the top of my car.

Pulled my interior shade back and discovered that my sunroof had exploded. There was a huge hole in the center with shattered fragments of glass around the edges.

Not covered by warranty because I had 41000 miles on my vehicle.However, my insurance did cover it but I had to pay $250 deductible.


Same thing happened on my 2011 murano.if you check the direction of the blast you will notice that remains of sunroof is blown up indicating that the roof was blown up from the inside.nissan knows they have a problem and don't want a recall.they paid for my roof and I paid for labor. No telling how many people have lost their lives because of this problem.the blast is like a shotgun blast.eifined


This happened today to my 2015 Altima. The dealer is making me file a claim. I told Allstate to investigate.

Dallas, Texas, United States #1035819

hi my Nissan murano 2015 exploded (moon roof) too with out any warning or what so ever just big bang.... it was scary.

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