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Route 23 Auto Mall was pleasant when I purchased the lease on my Nissan Maxima, however when my lease was over and I needed to return the car everything was different.

I purchased my lease at Route 23 Auto Mall in NJ and then moved to Rhode Island. However when my lease term was over, I returned my car back to Route 23 Auto Mall where I originally purchased the car. Once a customer always a customer, think again!

Route 23 Auto Mall lied about willingness of returning out -of-state license plates to the DMV and instead sales person Lenny kept them in their desk drawer. This action resulted in property tax from Rhode Island for 3 months when I no longer had the car. Returning the plates to RI DMV is the only indicator to stop property tax from being generated.

I am seeking $148 from dealership to cover the time frame (June – August) where I no longer owned the car, but was being charged taxes because salesperson kept the plates in their office and had me believe they were going to mail them back to Rhode Island. When I complained to Route 23 Auto Mall, I was given no consideration by the salesperson Lenny, office manager Wayne, office manager Ruth, and instead treated like a bothersome customer. #Route23automall #Nissanlease #Nissancustomerservice #Nissancomplaint #NJNissandealers

Monetary Loss: $148.

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Pompano Beach, Florida, United States #854794

I am purchasing my vehicle at lease end and I was also jerked around by both AutoNation Nissan in Ft. Lauderdale and then Performance Nissan in Pompano.

"Wil" the sales clone at AutoNation claimed there was a Florida Statute requiring an end of lease inspection (WRONG).

When I told him no such statute existed, I told him to stop lying to me. Then they tried to sneak a $700 dealer fee on the buyout order. When I freaked "Wil" comes back and said it was a mistake...like this is the first time someone has purchased a vehicle off- lease. Absolutely disgusting behavior to attempt to rob consumers by lying.

Then Performance Nissan tries to pull the same stunt on the "non-negotiable" dealer fee.

I threw the young sales clone "Doug" out of the office and the sales manager appears and wiggles his way out of another lie and the dealer fee disappears. Disgusting x 2.

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