I am currently leasing a 2010 Nissan Sentra. The lease is up next month. This car is driven by my daughter. I leased this car in Phoenix, AZ, from Pinnacle Nissan.

My daughter had called Nissan over a month ago and been told we could take the car to turn in at ANY Nissan dealer. She also had gone into Pinnacle Nissan in Phoenix to look at new cars and was told by the salesperson there that yes she could return the car at any time to ANY Nissan dealer

I arrived in town to make arrangements to return the car.

On April 1st:

I leased another brand of car and no longer needed the Sentra.

While at the new car dealer, they attempted to call Nissan and get a pay-off amount. They remained on hold for greater than 30 minutes. They finally got someone who told them to call back later their computers are down.

I tried to call the number for returning a vehicle and after many automated prompts got to a number that rang and rang and rang. No answered. After 4 or 5 minutes I hung up.

I tried to call the nearest Nissan dealer to where I was staying (as instructed by Nissan Leasing). I chose to call Miller Nissan in Tempe Arizona.

• 1st call – ‘Myai’ transferred me to a woman’s voice mail. No indication what this persons role was so I did not leave a message

• 2nd call – ‘Myai’ transferred me to a woman’s voice mail. No indication what this persons role was so I did not leave a message

• 3rd call – ‘Myai’ transferred me to a number the rang 36 times before I hung up

• 4th call – ‘Myai’ transferred me to a man’s voice mail. No indication what this persons role was so I did not leave a message

• 5th call – ‘Myai’ hung up on me.

• 6th call – I requested to speak to the general manager. I was told he was too busy. I was transferred to another manager named Mike. I complained about the horrible service and that maybe he needed to get someone who could work the telephones better, and what I my issue was. His response was as follows:

o Myai is very busy – has 5 phone lines. I won’t have you degrading my employees

o The dealer will NOT take my car back – I have to call and make an appointment to have it inspected at my home.

o He would not take in to his lot or I could get a bill for 4000.00 dollars.

o No dealer would do that.

o I would be liable for any damages while on his lot

o I stated what I was told and he argued with me. Stating that was wrong.

o By this time I had given up being nice. This Manager Mike was not a nice person, quite snotty about having to explain this to me as I was a ***.

o I asked to speak to his general manager and was told that he would not be talking to me – that I was going to deal with him. He has been understands the situation. When I demanded a return call from the general manager stated: “He will not be talking to you”. “No I will not have him call you”

At this point I called Pinnacle Nissan – they said – Oh yeah bring it in.

I took the car to Pinnacle Nissan. Had it ‘Grounded’ by Brandi. I have the receipt. I inquired as to who the regional manager was because I was angry and wanted to take this up the ladder. She asked her controller Greg who stated “There isn’t one”. I debated this since I knew it to be not true. He argued back, and walked away from me.

• I then asked to see the general manger. No one knew his name since this was his first day. Someone said it was either Scott or Brian. One person said “no one tells us anything – his name would be above my pay grade”.

• When someone did locate him, I told my story and wanted to know who the regional manager or anyone at a national level was. I informed him of the behavior of his controller. He did not appear to care. He said he would look into that and call me.

• I did receive a call approx. 1 hour later stating that there was no regional manager or anyone that I could escalate to. He stated that the issue was turned over to Nissan Leasing and I could deal with them. When I explained that my issue was about the leasing but about the poor service at both his dealership and the Miller dealership, he just kept repeating that I could tell it to Leasing when they called. He said leasing would call me. As of this writing I still have not had any communication with leasing (day 4).

April 2nd

I called Miller Nissan, because I had not received my return call from their GM. Once again I ended up with Mike to again proceed to argue with me and told me that it was OK to go to Pinnacle Nissan because that’s who sold me the car (it was a lease). He also informed me that ‘All of my calls had been recorded’. This is not something that a caller is informed of upon calling – thus a violation of my rights. As he was arguing with me, the GM entered the room and took the call. The GM confirmed that he knew nothing of this issue – had not been briefed – had NOT authorized anyone to screen his calls and will talk to anyone at any time. Contrary to what Mike said. Although, his tone indicated that he did not believe me. I suggested he listen to the recordings. I demanded the name of a regional manager and was given a district operations manager by the name of Kevin at this number 310.781.0351.

I called operations manager Kevin, who was not happy to hear from an angry customer. I was very angry at this point having gotten the major run around here by very uncaring people who are supposed to be ib the customer service business. Kevin argued with me and basically wanted to know why I was calling him. He stated the proper way was to call customer service. I learned several years ago to have no use or respect for Nissan customer service. I was not calling them to have my issue go into a black hole or be told to write a letter.

I will admit to being very aggressively angry. But when a customer reached this point they are well past being pleasant. There is a way to deal with a person who is irate and adopting a high and might attitude and telling that person how they can speak only serves to inflame them. Thus far everyone at Nissan had not taken that class I customer service.

Kevin just kept repeating his mantra ‘of call customer service’. I asked for his help. He refused. He refused escalation. I asked him point blank if he was continuing to refuse to assist me, as I wanted it recorded – he said I could not record and hung up on me. I tried to call him back and he hung up on me 8 successive times.

Within an hour I received a call from customer service from a Corey Hughes. Corey indicated that he was calling in response to Kevin’s call. He made it VERY clear that he had a process to follow and that the process would be followed regardless of my concerns. His attitude indicated clearly that he was doing this because it is required that he call me. All he cared about was opening his case and filling out the fields. I started out – not unpleasant but his attitude led to be very angry again. I could hear exasperation in his voice. I challenged him on this attitudes and he claimed he had no attitude. (If one were to listen to the recording then it would be evident). I was getting nowhere with Corey. He never even asked what the original issue was. I demanded to speak to someone else besides him. He stated there was no one else. I demanded escalation. He stated that he was as high as I could go in Nissan. He repeated this several times. He also stated several time that he would NOT be escalating this issue. He stated that if I tried to call back , he would be the only person I would be dealing with. Again I asked the question point blank for the recording and was told I was not allowed to record calls. In exasperation I stated my request for someone else (who cared) to call me, and I hung up.

Later that day I received a message from a supervisor named Brett. Brett said to call him back. I tried to return his call within minutes of his call and every time I called someone would hang up on me.

April 3rd

I returned the call to Brett but went thru an operator to get to him so I would not be hung up on. Brett defended everything that Cody had done. Even when I said why did he lie and say he would not escalate when he did. Why would he say he was the highest person at Nissan? Brett continued to read responses from a script. When I challenged him about Cory’s behavior he stated he could not speak to that. He had no interest in helping me – it was obvious this was a required call and wanted to smooth it over. He refused my request for contacting his superior – a John Louer(?). After maintaining a condescending attitude and repeating that standard response of that is ‘our processes’ and ‘I can’t speak to that’, he did state he would escalate to the executive team. I requested a call at an appointed time: 1230 cst on Thursday April with executive. –

April 4th

No call received.

Message left for Brett with no return call.

I have found this process to be very unsatisfactory. While my behavior may not have been considered professional on the phone, I did have a real issue. In my defense, by the time I reach the higher levels of customer support I should be listened to without being lectured on my behavior. At this point, I am done being nice. I have an issue I want addressed.

April 5th

No call received

Complaint posted to Nissan.com

Email complaint to brad.thacker@nissan-usa.com,

Vice President, Total Customer Satisfaction Nissan Americas

Voice mail left for Mark Kaczynski & Andrew Tavi +1 615 725 8102 – Office

April 6 – 11 No calls

April 11, 2013

Call placed to customer service – spoke with supervisor Brett who informed me that case was escalated to executive office and closed. Stated they tried to reach me and received ‘Mailbox full’ message.

Mailbox checked – no full box

Call logs checked – no incoming calls from any number at Nissan

Case re-opened

Received call from Tim Williams 615-725-3217. Stating he made calls last week. Told me to check with my Phone Company. He repeatedly defended Nissan. Would not allow call to be recorded and would not acknowledge or deny he was recording. Have been told ALL calls are recorded with or without customer consent.

Unable to give email address for greater than 5 minutes. I wanted to send this document. He refused his Nissan address. Finally got a generic email address.

Requesting escalation – he is refusing

April 15 – Call from Elise (?) at Nissan executive offices – I was not able to return call due to being out of the country

April 18 – Call from Elise (?) at Nissan executive offices – I was not able to return call due to being out of the country

April 22, 2013 – LM X 2 for Elise

April 23, 2013 – LM X 2 for Elise, LM X 1 for Tim Williams

Requesting a call from his superior at 1345 cst. Tim called back refusing to escalate to his superior.

Will email this document to nnaconsumeraffairs@nissan-usa.com

Emailed to above address at 1508 April 11, 2013

April 23, 2013 - Reached Elise who did not want to be bothered with my complaint. She had not read my documentation – just noted that she had received it.

This is in relation to an open case # 10934478

She terminated the call because I got upset and was not respectful. At this point I was very angry and frustrated .



Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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