Chantilly, Virginia
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I recently purchased a 2009 Murano from Key Nissan. They talked me into purchasing the Zurich Shield to help protect my paint.

When the shield was applied, they did not clean the vehicle and put the coating over dirt and tree sap. They had me bring the vehicle back so they could strip the Zurich shield, clean the vehicle and apply the shield properly. When I went to pick up my vehicle, they told me they had to re-paint it. I now have overspray and the inside still smells after a month.

I have tried to get them to replace my vehicle becaue this is no longer the "new" Murano I paid for.I have gotten nowhere with Key Nissan and nowhere with Nissan's national customer service. All I want is what I paid for.

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Nissan is not going to do anything about a dealer installed option. Try taking it up with Zurich.

According to the Zurich shield site, they will take care of you.

"Product warranty: If Zurich Shieldâ„¢ fails to perform, Automotive Protective Systems will remedy the damaged portion of the treated surface of the vehicle."

I would recommend never letting a dealership apply ANYTHING to your brand new car. Car dealerships generally go with whatever is the cheapest method at the moment, applied or installed by a guy who makes $6.50 an hour. It will generally cause more harm than good. ANY aftermarket products should be left to a professional of your choosing.

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