Chantilly, Virginia
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I bought a Nissan Altima from Griner's Nissan on Feb. 19, 2010.

I really like the car but have come to a conclusion that the dealership can not be trusted to do what they are suppose to do. When I purchased the car, I had them to order a bug bra to go the front of the vehicle. The salesperson, Phillip Lee stated that he would call me when it came in, to which he said would only take a few days. I waited almost 2 weeks since I had not heard from him and then called him and he stated that in had been in for a while.

Once I tried to put the bra on the car, I found out that it did not fit. When I took it back and told them that it did not fit, I was made to feel as if I did not know how to put it on. But when they did more checking, the parts manager found out that they do not even make a bra for the 2010 Altima at this time. I asked them to refund me the 95.00 that I paid for the bra and Phillip Lee stated that they would get it mailed out to me the very next day.

It has been over a week and half and to this date, I have not recieved my refund back from them. To make matters worst, I have called on 2 different days to get him to call me back and advised me of the status of recieving my refund, but I have yet to hear back from them. If this is how Griner's Nissan treats their customers, how can they exspect repeat customer's or why should customer's like me recommend other's to buy any product from them.

As for me, at this point, I can not recommend anyone to them due to them not being, honest, trustworthy, or reliable.

Product or Service Mentioned: Nissan Car.

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Sorry to hear about your disappointing experience. Next time find a WomenCertified dealership.

These dealerships are trained and tested to deliver excellence in service.

They are also carefully monitored.

Good luck!

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