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I bought a 2011 Nissan Altima 2.5 S from privaty party and got it checked from nissan dealership before going for a trip of 1500 miles. On paper Nissan did 28 pint inspection which included suspension check too.

But my suspensions were already damaged when I bought the vehicle and went unnoticed in nissan 28 point inspection. Now my two tires are completely gone just because of nissan delarship false 28 point check.

I have to pay 2200 bucks now to get everything alright. what should I do................................................................................................aa dd ddd ddd ddd ddd ddd ddd dd dd dd

Monetary Loss: $20000.

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Dealerships especially this local also lied day of mildly used purchase and front end they want me to pay even thou I paid 4 additional warranty.NOW smart mouth service boy telling me my nissan never had front end damage before today.REALLY,LUNCHBOX?Guess he had 0 knowledge I have the printout from dealership stating they gave me oil change 1year ago never fixxed front end.Disgusted with unethical dealership employees!!!OUT


A "suspension check" is not the same as a front end alignment. When they checked the suspension, they took a look to see if any of the boots were torn, any obvious damage or leaking fluid, etc.

If your tyres were worn out, it means the front end was the subject of some hard force, damaging or throwing the front end out of alignment. You should have noticed the steering wheel "wobbling", bearing in one direction, or other symptoms of something gone awry.

Don't blame the dealer. Blame the guy you bought the car from.

He probably ran the car into an embankment or into a ditch and messed it up.

He sold it in order to avoid the problems he suspected or knew he would have with the car. Welcome to the world of "caveat emptor".

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