Macungie, Pennsylvania

1995 Nissan XE extended cab garaged over entire lifetime. Called Nissan customer service file # 635 0747 with Marcus.

I cannot get a return call from customer service. I expect Nissan would cover the rust problem under their lifetime warranty for rust.

I need a return call.Nissan has had a large number of frame rust problems around the years 1993-1997.

I am first and only owner of the vehicle and therefore would have expected a recall or at a minimum a heads up for a possible problem Nissan has dwindled to the bottom of my list of return purchases.Please return my call.

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i have a 1995 4x4 Nissan has bad frame rust and gas line rust and brake line rust, did it have a recall


I have a 2003 Nissan Frontier with 53,000 miles .The frame is rusted so bad that it will not pass Pa inspection. Contacted customer service and was told there is nothing they can do as this is normal for this area.

B.S. I've got better looking frames on my antique cars that have sat out in the field.


i have a 2000 nissian altama and the right back frame by back tire is rotted through how do i get them to fix they used *** poor iron on it big hole right


New Haven, Connecticut, United States #700963

I have a 1995 pathfinder se and the frame has actually rusted and broke in half right around the rear wheel area on both sides. I welded it and reinforced it with metal bars and nuts and bolts


bought a 2001 pathfinder with 87k miles spent its life in Rochester NY drove it threw the winter washed the under carriage every week or so then at 93k the bracket on the right side that holds the lower A Arm and front axle ripped off the frame Nissan was a waste of my time calling for support i think i will get it welded sell it and never buy another Nissan again


I've owned a 2001 Nissan Frontier since new. Always took great care of it.

Pressure washed the undercarriage down each spring. After every winter, I would run clean fresh water through each of the frame rails for about a half an hour each rail, until the water ran out nice and clean. In 2012, I noticed that my frame had completely rotted out and had large holes in it. It wouldn't pass the state safety inspection any longer and even the inspector mentioned that I didn't get much use out of the truck.

The whole rest of the truck looked really nice and clean. I just traded it in and bought myself a nice new Toyota Tacoma with a C channel frame underneath. We'll see how this one holds up, but I have to say that I will never buy another Nissan again.

I feel quite let down by the truck and by the company for not standing behind their trucks the way Toyota did with the frame rot recall and buyback program.


Well, after today, ive never been so dissapointed with ANY car company.

I have a 1993 pathfinder. 4wd.. with 199k miles

I bought it about 1 year and 2 months ago. at 188k miles, and it had frame rot, I was aware of it after about 2 months of owning it.. Despite the frame condition, this is probably the most reliable car ive ever owned. Never had a single problem.

And when i was on my way home from work earlier today, the frame bar connecting both frame rails between the back wheels broke off, collapsed onto a brake line, rupturing it, both rear shocks snapped off at the axle, and also broke the track bar... luckily i had just gotten off the freeway about 5 mins before this happened. Just as i got up to 40mph from a stop light, the back end suddenly slammed downward making a loud bang noise, then it began to sway left and right VERY VIOLENTLY and quickly, and it nearly rolled over!!!! I put it in 2nd gear and used the engine to brake, because the brakes completely failed due to that brake line! The whole rear axle came close to separating from the truck as i was driving it. the person in the car next to me slammed their brakes on because i almost sideswiped them. When i got out i checked it, The rear axle has shifted about 6 inches to the left and the back end of the truck was sitting VERY low. The only thing still holding the axle in place was the 2 small radius arms!! I almost died today!! before work tomorrow, im taking pictures of the damage and sending it to Nissan along with an angry letter... Regardless of mileage, NO car should ever be this unsafe. If they wont take responsibility, or even respond to a customer complaining about their death traps they call pathfinders, they dont deserve anyones money.


We have a 2007 Nissan Frontier with 74,000 miles and have had rust underneath. Just found out that the lower assembly control arm is corroded and needs to be replaced.This sucks, you pay all this money for a vehicle and it doesnt even last long any more. :(


My 1994 Nissan Pathfinder SE Off-Road Edition has extreme frame rust after 150K miles. Bought new, never off road, kept in DC (mild winters), should not be in this condition now.

Nissan should have been made accountable for all of teh 1990's product that is rusting away in the USA, from inferior steel and/or rustproofing that they provided. Where was NTSA on this issue? The number of complaints should have triggered an investigation years ago.

My 1979 Chrysler, also bought new is in better condition underneath, and is also kept outside. Where is the accountability???




I have a 02 crew cab Frontier, Body in great shape, but underneath is another story.

To see all the rust is disgusting. For a truck that only has 81,000 on it.Looks like it's been swimming in the ocean. Doubt if it will pass safety inspection next year.


Class Action Suit, YES! I just bought a 95 Nissan XE with 60K miles on it with a bogus inspection sticker - not realizing the extent of the rust problem until the mechanic told me today he wouldn't work on it because he didn't believe his work would outlive the completely rotted frame. Feeling pretty *** for buying this truck and now there is NOTHING I can do with it.


i have a 93 hardbody, i am 16 years old from ohio, its my first truck the body is in great condition, it runs great! but the right rear section of the frame is gone.

baught the truck because it looked almost rust free and then one day i took a screw driver to the frame and all i found were holes.

from the rear bumper all the way to the passenger door the frame is gone. nissan needs to have a recall like toyota did this is insane!


I have a 1998 Nissan Frontier which I love except for the rot issues it is having.

I heard that Toyota replaced frames on their Tacomas. Did Nissan ever offer the same?

Do I have any options? It has 130,000 miles on it and is ready for 200,000 more but probably won't pass inspection next year because of the rot. Thanks!


Box frames, people, box frames. Hold in moisture, dirt, etc and rust from the inside out.

This is why you never see it until the damage is done.

Older trucks used C channel for years, driving on wet roads washed the dirt off.

I see now Chevy is going to box frames in their newer trucks. Get ready for a maasive amount of rusted frames in 5-10 years!


Box frames, people, box frames. Hold in moisture, dirt, etc and rust from the inside out.

This is why you never see it until the damage is done.

Older trucks used C channel for years, driving on wet roads washed the dirt off.

I see now Chevy is going to box frames in their newer trucks. Get ready for a maasive amount of rusted frames in 5-10 years!


I love my '95 pathfinder, but this frame problem has got to be addressed! The rust on my frame is worse over the back right tire to the rear.

I can put my fingers right through it! If a mechanic hadn't told me during a belt fix on my way home from camping (towing my popup),I would have never known! Now I can't use my pop up! Lives could have been lost!

Now I have to take it off the road. Mechanically it is fine!

I have to buy another vehicle... How is this right?


I have a 1995 nissan 4x4 pick up, it runs like a champ. great little truck.

only problem is, the frame is rusted with large holes in it. its a shame really..


I own a 1987 Pathfinder which does not have a frame rust issue. On the other hand, my 1995 Pathfinder has a lot of frame rust rotting out large holes in the frame.

I have scraped and painted the underbody with rustoleum several times over the years not knowing of the problem. I think Nissan is well aware of the problem and is ignoring it to save money-SHAME ON NISSAN!!!!!


I have a 1995 1/2 pathfinder and the frame is all rust but the recall do not cover the 1995 what can I do

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